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Healing without medicine Part 2

Updated on September 7, 2020
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As an occasional writer, I passionately love Jesus and firmly believe that salvation lies solely in Him. No matter how hard one tries, ther

The lamb had to be without spot and blemish not you. If the lamb was without spot God saw the travail of the lambs soul and he credited it to you.


You would go ahead and believe and receive even though you were caught in the very act of adultery

Isaiah 53 In verse five, he was wounded for our transgressions he was bruised for our iniquities the chastisement of our peace was upon him and with His stripes we are healed.

Man if he was bruised and wounded so that I could have peace well then I’m gonna have peace. I am NOT gonna go around. I don’t get depressed. I don’t believe in being depressed. I just don’t believe that. That’s the reason you’re depressed. I’m not against you. I love you but I’m telling you the truth so that you can be set free. It says he was oppressed and he was afflicted yet he opened not his mouth. He is brought as a lamb to the slaughter and as a sheep before her Shearer’s. He is dumb. He opened not his mouth. He was taken from prison and from judgment and who shall declare his generation.

Tom Hanks movie about some code, where he married Mary Magdalene and had kids. Here’s the scripture thing on this. Nobody can declare his generation, because he didn’t have kids. Any idea they saw that movie and gave to help promote that shame on you. He made his grave with the wicked and with the rich in his death. Because he had done no violence neither was any deceit in his mouth yet it pleased the Lord to bruise. It bruised him what a statement. It pleased the father to bruise his son.

It didn’t please him in the sense that he enjoyed seeing Jesus suffered. But he loved you and me so much that it pleased him to sacrifice his son for us. Not just for the forgiveness of your sins but so that your body could be healed. He didn’t want you to suffer pain. He doesn’t want you to suffer with things. God loves you so much. He doesn’t want you to have this. He actually was pleased for his son to become so marred that his face looked worse than any person who has ever lived on this planet.

His body was so brutalized that it didn’t even look human. You couldn’t recognize, it was a person hanging on the cross. He did that for you because he loves you and he wants you well. We tolerate things that Jesus died to forgive us off to set us free of.

That’s not good. It pleased the Lord to bruise him. He put him to grief. When thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin he shall see his seed he shall prolong his days and the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in his hand he shall see of the travail of his soul and shall be satisfied.

God punished his own son so that you would not have to be punished not only from sin but from sickness and from all of these things. In the Old Testament when a person’s sinned they had to bring in a sacrifice, a lamb because the wages of sin is death and so you have to die if you sin.

If you’ve sinned even in the smallest thing James chapter 2 verse 10 says if you keep the whole law and yet offend in one point you become guilty of all. Death is the wage of sin and under the Old Covenant because of the goodness and the mercy of God he allowed us to kill an animal and substitute its death for our death.

That was only a picture in a shadow of the true Lamb of God that was to come. When you sin you brought a lamb before the priests and men this is powerful. Did you know that when you sin in brought a lamb the very fact that you were bringing a lamb was an indication that you had sinned.

You were confessing that you had sinned. You we’re not proclaiming your goodness. You were proclaiming your sin and when you brought this lamb before the priest the priest didn’t examine you. They didn’t say you sorry, how could you have done this. They examined the lamb. The lamb had to be without spot and blemish not you. If the lamb was without spot God saw the travail of the lambs soul and he credited it to you.

Did you know that we have come before the Lord and every one of us have sinned. There’s not any of us in here that deserve God’s goodness. You don’t deserve it. All of us have sinned and come short of the glory of God. But God looks at the lamb and he is healing you because of what Jesus has done. Not because you deserve it. There’s a lot of people that believe God can heal. But they think that healing is tied to their goodness and if they don’t feel like they’ve done everything right well then they lose all of their confidence.

I’ve seen many people raised from the dead and most of you believe that. You believe in the supernatural healing power of God. If somebody was to fall over dead here today and I said well I’ve seen people raised from the dead. I’m gonna pray and praise God. We’ll see them raised from the dead. Most of you be right with me, you’d clap, but you know where I’d lose the majority of you. I say all right if you believe it you come up here and pray. All of a sudden what happened. You were excited about seeing somebody raised from the dead as long as I’m the one praying.

But when I say you come and pray, your faith turns to fear. Your excitement turns to dread. What happened. Did God change all of a sudden no. When you get factored into it, you lose your confidence because most of us think that God only moves in our life when we were worthy of it.

You aren’t worthy of it. You might think well you’re a preacher and you got your act together. If you knew me as well as you know you, you wouldn’t have any more faith in my prayers than you got in your prayers. I have to use the name of Jesus to get my prayers answered. I don’t deserve anything but see you feel unworthy. God can heal you don’t doubt that.

God raised Lazarus from the dead. Would it work for you? Well you need to recognize God isn’t examining you. He’s examining the lamb. It’s the lamb that purchased healing for you. It’s not your goodness. If you’re the worst Saint in here, if you are living the sorriest life, you have had the atonement made for your perfect healing. If you could get out of putting faith in yourself and put faith in a Savior you could be healed exactly the same as anybody else.

One of the reasons people don’t get here, I’ve heard people say this before, they’ll see somebody come down in a drunk off the street comes in and gets totally healed of something miraculously.

Here’s Saint so-and-so on the first row that has been believing God for the healing of the same thing and they just can’t understand why did God heal them and I’ve been praying and fasting. I go to church, I give tithe, I give pies to people. When they have a death in the family. I’ve done all of this how come God hasn’t healed me, you just told me because see you didn’t point to what Jesus you didn’t point to the lamb you pointed to yourself and you were trying to earn God’s healing power through your goodness and that’s the very thing that stops the power of God.

If God gave you what you deserved you’d go to hell. I’m talking about as a believer and somehow I can’t believe you said you don’t know who I am. Well you know what the attitude you got about me right now. I’m your brother. Whether you like it or not and the thing is that you’re thinking about me. If you’ve got what you deserved you wouldn’t get anything. I’m telling you, you don’t come before God on the basis of your goodness.

When it comes to salvation we sing just as “I am without one plea but that was shed for me Oh Lamb of God I come and we come” and put our total faith in Jesus. If I had a word of knowledge and said God shows me that you’ve committed adultery instead of that keeping you from being born again, if you truly heard the gospel you would say that’s the reason I need salvation. You would go ahead and believe and receive even though you were caught in the very act of adultery. Get born again and come up here and if I had a word of knowledge “you didn’t study the word today, you haven’t been doing your daily Bible readings” some of you oh man now I know why God isn’t answering my prayers.

So you get born again without looking at yourself putting faith in a savior but when it comes to receiving healing or something we think that somehow neither we’ve got to be worthy and earn it. Nobody’s ever earned it. It’s not based on what you’ve done. It’s based on what Jesus has done for you. Jesus has paid for your healing just as much as he paid for your forgiveness of sins. If you have believed for salvation and if you have received salvation you should also be able to receive healing of your body.

You can’t just wait until the day of a marathon to start your training. You need to practice

Seeing a person raised from the dead physically is inferior to see in a person raised from the dead spiritually. The greatest miracle you’ll ever have is to see a person born again and if you’ve received that well then healing is yours. It’s the children’s bread. It belongs to you but you gotta fight for it. You got to change your attitude. You’ve got to resist the devil before he’ll flee from you. I tell you most Christians are where they would like to be healed but you know what they can make it without ___. We’ve got the American Disabilities Act and so we now accommodate people with with things and you know what one of the reasons you see so many more people healed in foreign countries is because they don’t have a social system that is going to pay them money.

If they can’t work they don’t have all of the disability they don’t have handicapped access and these people are desperate and because of it they are resisting. In fighting Americans have become so that we can accommodate. You can take a pill you can deal with things. I’m telling you you need to start fighting like Jesus has provided healing for you. You can take a pill and overcome a headache.

I’m not against you you can do that but when is it that you’re gonna start exercising your faith. When is it you’re gonna start believing God. Are you gonna wait until cancer comes and you got stage 4 cancer and the doctor says you’re gonna die and then you’re gonna start believing God. You’ve never believed him for a headache. You’ve never believed him for a pain. You’ve never stood for anything.

It’s not the way that it works. You can’t just wait until the day of a marathon to start your training. You need to practice. You need to work up to it. You need to take these scriptures. I’m encouraging you today that you need to see that a healing is not optional. I’m not saying that you won’t go to heaven if you don’t believe in healing. but I’m just saying you’ll get there quicker if you don’t believe in healing.

You can still go to heaven but you’ll get there a lot quicker if you don’t believe in healing. God wants you well. God wants to heal you but he needs some cooperation from you. You need to cooperate with God. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. I’ve shared truths with you today that if you will receive it this will plant a seed of healing in your life. You may have to let it grow. You may have to meditate on this and strengthen it.

I guarantee you we planted a seed that could produce healing in your body. If there’s anybody here today that doesn’t know Jesus man it would be a shame for me to have talked about how that Jesus became a man and lived on this earth and died for us and suffered so much not just for the healing of our body but he suffered so that you could know him so that you could be forgiven of your sins. It would be a shame for you to hear this message and not respond to it. You need to respond. You need to make Jesus your personal Savior. If you haven’t done that and once you get born again you need the baptism of the Holy Spirit you know the baptism.

The Holy Spirit does a lot of things, speaking in tongues is a part of that. But also the baptism of the holy spirit, he says you would receive power after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you. I tell you when I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit power began to manifest in my life.

If you don’t have the baptism of the Holy Spirit if you don’t speak in tongues it’s like charging hell with a water pistol. You need power in your life and Jesus said you receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you. One of the greatest things that the baptism of the Holy Spirit did in my life, it just unveiled the word, the Holy Spirit wrote the Bible and it’s not written to your head even though you use your head when you read it’s really written to your heart. It has to come by revelation and when you receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit he’s the one that wrote the Bible and he reveals it to you. The word comes alive.

If you don’t have the baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues I guarantee you, you need that. Every person in here needs to be born again you need to make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life and you need the baptism of the Holy Spirit which includes speaking in tongues. If there’s anybody here tonight who this morning who doesn’t have one or both of those things I would like to specifically pray for you because that’s a starting point you can’t go very far.

Without you can’t go anywhere without first of all knowing Jesus and receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit is there anybody here who wouldn’t say man that’s me I need prayer I want to receive it that you I want you just to raise your hand wherever you are.

Let’s praise God for all of these hallelujah thank you Jesus I believe this is going to change your life. Father we just thank you right now for all of these. Thank you Father for touching these hearts and I know that you love each one of them that you want them saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues and flowing in the power of the Holy Spirit so father we just thank you and right now we pray and agree with them. Father this is gonna be a life-changing experience that they will leave this place totally transformed today through the power of God so thank you for touching their hearts and as they go father we believe that you touch everyone and they get exactly what they need here today in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen


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