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Help the birds this winter!

Updated on December 28, 2015

Birds, like all wildlife, need extra help during the winter months. As the tempratures drop, food becomes more scarce, and there is also a fight to keep alive with subzero tempreatures.

Here we will look at the top tips, to help your garden birds!

Bird tables

Bird tables and bird food on the bird table help birds get through the winter months. Particuarly good for the birds at this time of month is things such as bird balls. Bird balls are rich in fat, and fat is what birds need to keep them warm. It is estimated that birds will lose 40% of their fat at night during the winter months, so, it becomes increasingly important that you provide them with fat.

Other things that help are; cheese, nuts, fruit, seeds and so on.

Source of water:

Just like food, water is very important to birds. It can also be difficult for birds to come across water, as natural water sources like rivers and lakes tend to freeze over in the winter months.

Providing them with a water source means that you can clear any frozen water over easily, by just pouring some warm water over it to melt it, and then putting some fresh water in the source.

Providing a source of shelter for your garden birds; bird houses.

Birds need shelter, especially to protect them from the elements in winter, and you can easily provide them with a home - in the form of a bird house.


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