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Hemp: Ways It Can Benefit The World

Updated on March 13, 2012

The Many Wonders of Cannabis

There are more than 25,000 various uses for hemp, so by all means, I can't cover them all in this one hub. Though we can cover some of the most important benefits that hemp offers to the world.

Cannabis is such an interesting and useful plant, that I feel it necessary for everyone to recognize how it can benefit their lives, health and business. With this knowledge, you to might become a hemp geek. Someone who loves cannabis in all it's wonders, and recognizes just how much it can do for us and our gracious mother earth.

Replacing Petroleum Products

Petroleum products are the current bane of our world. Petroleum pollutes more than nearly any other substance. It has created more wars than gold, and continues to be a subject full of plenty of contention. Granted, it has also help our societies advance in many ways, so we can't claim that it's "all bad", but the con's definitely outweigh the pro's. On top of all this, the earth is running out of petroleum, which posses just as big of a problem as the complication of continuing to use petroleum even if we had a limitless supply.

Hemp is one of the few things on this great green earth that can produce anything that petroleum can. Amazingly, it can do so without half of the pollution or ill-health. Hemp can make plastics, acrylics, medicines, fuels, hydraulic oils, tires, lubricants, glues and more.

By replacing petroleum with cannabis, we would no longer have to drill deep into the earth to find our resources for common products and luxuries. We wouldn't have to argue over who has the right to tear up the arctic, nor would we see major news reports of huge oil spills in the oceans. Large corporations that currently pollute and tear up the earth to get their petroleum would soon be turned on their butts, as they would be replaced by earth friendly organizations that could provide us with a better alternative, and a more socially responsible means of resources.

Of course, this is one of the vary reasons why the worlds governments are pushing for the advancement of hemp science. They recognize that by pushing such knowledge, anyone could have chance to seek their fortune helping the people of the world in one of the best ways possible. Which would make it rather hard for a "ruling" class to develop control over the industry.

Doing Less Damage to Mother Earth

Cannabis is one of the few plants on this earth that is considered "carbon neutral", and what that means, is that it gives back as much to the earth as it takes. Hemp is has the miracle ability to clean up toxins in the soils, to rejuvenate the land it grows in and to give back lots of oxygen to the earth. In fact, the only plant that is known to have better clean up capabilities than cannabis, are mushrooms. Which have been shown to be able to clean up even the worst toxic waste spills.

By using more hemp in our crop rotations, on lands ravished by cotton plantations and in replacement to oil refineries, we can not only help ourselves with common resources, we can help to health mother earth, from whom we have already taken so much from.

In doing this, we can extend our lives and the life of this lush earth beneath our feet. We can help make the world a better place, and become the stewards of the earth as we were originally intended to be.

Providing Food, Beverage and Medicine to all

You eat cannabis, you can make milk from it and you can find a myriad of medicinal uses for it. All these benefits should not be ignored, but they are largely downplayed because once the world catches on that they can grow a pharmacy in their own backyard without any of the side effects of common pharma drugs, then Big Pharma will be in huge trouble.

This knowledge would also pose a large problem for corporations that make a living providing over processed foods that can all be replaced by hemp foods. Foods that are richer in nutrients, minerals and substances that our bodies need.

Big Pharma is largely one of the biggest enemies of hemp, as it stands to lose the most money next to Big Oil. Though the two do work hand in hand these days, which is why we are fed so many petroleum products in allopathic medicines. So the two work together consistently to make sure that governments, health regulators and schools do not start shouting the praises of cannabis. Which is truly a shame, because they aren't doing it for anyone's benefit other then their own.

Economic Entrepreneurism

With more than 25,000 uses for cannabis, there are more than enough ways that every person on this earth could help improve their lives and their economies through the production of hemp products. And besides helping themselves, cultivating hemp takes human hands, not machines. Which would provide countless jobs for everyone.

When you have a plant that can grow almost anywhere by anyone, the opportunities become limitless. One person could produce a painters business with all hemp paints, brushes, canvas and more. Another person could have a cannabis care gardening business. Some will choose to produce houses from hemp, as they are already doing is Ashenville. Still others could take a road that many already are, in producing fine grade medicines for patients who have learned how much more cannabis can help them then the pharmaceuticals that doctors push on them.

There are very few limits for an economy that is open to hemp. Once it's available, the only thing left is to take advantage of that opportunity. It's one of the few ways you can focus on helping yourself and find that no matter what you are also benefiting your society and your planet.


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    • BizGenGirl profile image

      Bema Self 6 years ago from Seattle

      Thank you Gazook! And thanks for the awesome comment. I agree, much safer than a dry martini, and tastes better to!

    • gazook profile image

      gazook 6 years ago

      There are definitely lots of good uses for hemp that are left untapped because of the misguided policies in many countries. As for toxicity that was mentioned by another commenter, this is one of the least toxic substances that you can find on the planet (look it up) and certainly less harmful than a Dry Martini. Good article!

    • goego profile image

      goego 6 years ago from Loserland

      very nice work... I have a very short attention span and can barely get enough words for poemetry, this is awesome

    • prairieprincess profile image

      Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Canada

      Hemp seed is a very wonderful energy food. I often buy it from health food store to put in my morning shake. Delicious, and it gives me energy for the rest of the day!

    • maven101 profile image

      maven101 6 years ago from Northern Arizona

      Welcome to the wonderful world of Cannabis...You can smoke it, eat it, extrude it, mix it, dry it, form it, and just about wrap yourself up in it...The slam-bang, All American, rootin', tootin', panacea for all the ills in the world...

      No Thanks...I'll stick to my scuba, Disney World trips with my grandkids, and a love life Au naturale, without chemical enhancement ( yes, the chemical Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol ( THC ) )...

      Why would someone want to smoke pot when it contains toxic chemicals even more susceptible to causing cancer than tobacco..? Watching some of my college friends pathetically using roach clips to smoke a joint to the very last wisp was an early indication of the immaturity and lack of personal responsibility that marked them the rest of their lives...

      Sorry, pot is not want to loosen up for intelligent conversation, get some fine wine like Stags Leap Cab, or a dry Bombay martini. These you can take in moderation, and they don't leave butts or smell up the house...drugs are all the way, every time...

      You have written a very intelligent and informative argument for Cannabis use in its various forms, some of which I totally agree with, but we both know that the plant will always be primarily used for mood enhancement and the filthy habit of inhaling smoke...Voted up and useful...Thanks, Larry