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"Here's a Thought"

Updated on July 3, 2013

Many of us do not realize that when we think, we create thought forms. A thought form is a projection of mental energy . We are surrounded by our own thought forms and they constitute our own reality. Have you had a day when you are obsessed or preoccupied with a thought and you fail to observe the things happening around you We all have, and we call it preoccupied with a thought.

What more, the next time someone describes something(such as you know there's a ramp that does a right turn (gestures with fingers), and then you see this round sculpture (moulds a miniature round shape with his hands), it?s right next to there(pointing to a point space while staring at it) etc.) to you in a conversation, watch how they point their fingers, gesture their hands and move their arm and draw things in the air while they stare at an area in mid air and talking to you. Sometimes they even assume that you are seeing what they are seeing. Yes, they are creating and moulding their own thought forms while describing to you. If you could make out approximately the size and configuration of the thought form, you could join in the fun and start pointing to areas in his thought form to keep the conversation going. If you made sense, he may say something like “Yessss, now you see/get it!”

One thing for certain, our thought forms are mostly habitual. We go around carrying the same beliefs, ideas, interpretations and concepts of things most of the time, unless we start to change them. The longer you have fed a thought form, the more energy you give to it, and it has a power of attraction to draw to you thoughts of similar nature. We even attract to us people who think along the same line as us, because of the inherent power of attraction behind thought frequencies.

From reading various case histories, it appears that thought forms can become “alive” with intelligence itself. Ernest Holmes of the Science Of Mind movement wrote that “thoughts are intelligent”. Yes, thoughts being a thing of consciousness is intelligent. If you focus on a goal congruently and frequently, you are in fact charging it with the intelligence to fulfil itself.

According to Tibetan writings:

“Man is constructing thought-forms all the time, and is following unconsciously the same method as his Ego pursues in building his bodies, as the Logos follows in building his system, and as a planetary Logos uses in constructing His scheme."


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  • profile image

    jenubouka 6 years ago

    what an eye opener, I never though of it this way. Great hub

  • Pikachusif profile image

    Pikachusif 6 years ago from Castelia City, Unova

    Very insightful. I am glad to know that there are people out there with the same mind-state as my own.