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Historic Weapons And Their Advantages/Disadvantages

Updated on June 28, 2017

Weapons have been used since the first humans were born, although most suggest it was just a club they used. As in the case of today most people now have guns or other means of weapons rather then the spears and daggers of yesterday. But I will have a list of weapons and their uses now.

Swords: Swords are one of the most easy to wield weapons, since the sword tends to have one or two sides of long and sharp blades it is rather easy to strike with. It can also be paired with a shield for added defense or another sword for more striking capabilities, they can also depending on the size be used as a secondary. Such as if you are using a spear it can be good to have a short sword for close combat. With a sword while generally easy to learn the basics can be hard to use against someone with more training, and if you don't know what you are doing you can end up hurting yourself. A sword is a good thing to master if you are wanting to learn how to use an ancient weapon just start off with a wooden one, also swords aren't very useful against heavily armored opponents.

Axes: Axes can be very versatile since they are made to be just larger versions of usual axes, kinda. Axes tend to have a bit more weight at the end then swords which gives it a lot more hitting power, the axe blade tends to also have a bit of an angled spot by it which can be used to parry other weapons or grab enemies. Hook onto their legs and trip them. They have a smaller blade then a sword so blocking won't be as easy, they also will have a shorter reach unless they area two handed axe or have a more elongated shaft. Due to their heavy weight they work well against armored opponent, with a sharp enough blade it can be used to penetrate some armor. The one handed axe can also be used with a shield, another axe or as a secondary.

Spears/Pole-arms: A good weapon for a beginner would be a spear or other pole-arm, due to their long reach and easy maneuvers one with no experience could hold their own against a more trained warrior until they get within the killing range. The pole arm family gives you the long reach when in most battles is a huge advantage, they can also be used to parry and have the blunt side used. A Halberd mixes the advantages of both a spear and a axe. The disadvantages however are if a person can get close enough the spear will become obsolete, in confined areas it might not work as effectively as well but in a wide open field you would have a good advantage. take a look at the Spartans and their tactic of making a wall of shields and using the spears to attack.

Bows/Crossbow: The preferred weapon of many long range fighters these two weapons give a huge advantage in terms of range and uses, from firing regular arrows to poison tipped ones these two are your best bet if you don't like close encounters. The Bow is known to be able to draw faster but doesn't have as much impact as the crossbow, the crossbow however has some say a further range and better impact but has a longer loading time. The arrows or bolts can be used to snipe from a long ways or assassinate from close up, but they are most useful at a far range. The downside is that they cannot really be used for melee combat, unless you have a squad with you or a secondary weapon you will be left vulnerable.

Daggers: Daggers always seem to be the main weapon for any rogue, assassin, thief or shady looking person. But with its easily concealable ways and quick strikes it makes a deadly close quarters weapon. The dagger can be used to parry blows somewhat and attack unknowing victims, some can even be thrown and picked back up. The downside however is that they have a very short range, coming into a battle against anyone with a longer weapon can prove to be a very difficult scenario to win in. Also if you are going to run around with only a dagger chances are you might be wearing little to no armor at all as well, your best chances would be to sneak up on an enemy if you wish to use a dagger.

Maces/Morningstar: The hardest hitting weapons will most likely be these, as armor began to get tougher and tougher to get past newer weapons were created to combat these new defenses. The mace is basically a hard ball of steel connected to a metal shaft, there are a few variations of it and the Morningstar being basically one of them. It is the same description but having spikes on it. Both weapons are able to crush armor and whoever is wearing that armor, a basic tactic is to attack the legs to cripple and go for the head next or go straight for the head, a warhammer has the same tactic and nearly every time a head strike comes into play it is an immediate kill. While destructive they do have some issues. They are a little difficult to block with and they do have a bit of weight to them, swinging too hard with these and missing or trying to stop the blow could leave you very vulnerable. A good idea for this weapon is to use a shield with it for some protection.

After Thoughts: There are some categories of weapons such as a great sword or battle axe, there are weapons that might be smaller or bigger then others so if you wish to kind of know what you think you would be good at read up on some things. Skallagrim is a weapons collector and researcher of many things having to do with old weapons and fighting styles, if you wish to know more about some of these weapons look him up on Youtube he does many different kinds of videos.


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    • Thomas Finney profile image

      Thomas Finney 9 months ago

      The human mind can create weapons and plans, it isn't really a weapon so much as an engineer or designer.

    • profile image

      Dugitron9001 9 months ago

      What about the weapon of human psychology.