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Hitler and the New Age

Updated on June 18, 2013

Hitler had much influence in the mid 20th century.

Adolph Hitler as he appeared in the height of his power
Adolph Hitler as he appeared in the height of his power
Hitler and the Papacy had a closer relationship than most people would want to believe. That relationship would prove to be helpful to many Nazis at the end of WWII during Operation Paperclip.
Hitler and the Papacy had a closer relationship than most people would want to believe. That relationship would prove to be helpful to many Nazis at the end of WWII during Operation Paperclip.

The current new age shares a lot with the mystical beliefs of the Nazis

Everyone past present and no less likely, in the future is interested in answers to the mystery of life, why there is something rather than nothing, why we are here, what our destiny is and the meaning of life. Adolf Hitler grew up in troubled times and was impacted by the ideas swirling around him at the time. In his youth he heard of Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the author of Isis Unveiled, the Secret Doctrine and the Key to Theosophy. Many people in his era did. Whole societies existed in Europe devoted to the mystical and the occult. He became a collector and avid reader of Astara Magazine. From both Blavatsky and Astara he learned of the Aryan Race of mankind and their super abilities. He also learned of the various ages that mankind went trough according to Theosophical ideas such as the Lemurians, the Hyperboreans and Atlantians. According to the theory, there were four main races of man with the Aryan being the final one where humanity was to begin ascension to the spiritual. The Aryans contained the idea of the super-man There was also an anti-human race or sub-humans according to theory that were battling against the Aryans. This was part of the environment the young Hitler grew up within.

During World War 1 many Germans took to wearing good luck amulets, the now well known swastika. The swastika was borrowed from the Buddhist culture where it is prominent as a symbol of good fortune. The amulet could be found everywhere and was for a time even sold as a design in many costly jewelry pieces in America. In the early days, the swastika could be seen in both clockwise and anticlockwise orientation as well as straight armed and curved armed forms. Hitler, Goering, Himmler, Hess and the party faithful adopted the anticlockwise straight armed swastika as their emblem long before they became the power elite of Germany. However, the curved armed swastika was carried over on the SS ceremonial daggers.

The Thule Society and the mystic philosopher Karl Wiligut had a profound impact on the Nazi party and Adolf Hitler. Lanz von Liebenfels was also another influence. It was the Thule society that instilled anti-Semitic ideas into the minds of Hitler and his party faithful. The Nazis grew out of the German socialist workers party that formed after the disaster of the First World War where Germany was forced to sign the Versailles Treaty that stripped Germany of its military and charged punitive damages. The politicians who orchestrated this became known to the Nazis as the November Criminals. Initially, Hitler was sent to spy on the fledgling German Socialist Workers' Party and wound up being attracted to the ideas presented and worked his way to the head of the movement. For a decade, the Nazis struggled to gain recognition, remaining in the background. It took the depression to turn things around. With the war reparations, high unemployment and hyperinflation due to the costs of Versailles, fertile ground for occult ideas and radical thinking took root.

Early on there was a struggle between the National Socialist Workers Party (Nazis) and the Communists. The Nazis were involved with the murder of leading Communists of the day and this effectively disoriented the Communist Party of Germany. In 1919, Karl Liebtnecht and Rosa Luxemburg were rounded up by the police, questioned and tortured. They were released and murdered under suspicious circumstances and it is though that Hitler and his group murdered them. After this, the Nazis gained in influence based on paranoia, particularly of the Jews and their alleged desire to take over and control the world. Jews were also involved through the policies of rich bankers who profited from war. But is was the poor Jews that took the brunt of anti-Semitic attacks.

The paranoia regarding the Jews came from the influence of thinkers like Karl Wiligut and the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. A document concocted in Russia, called "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion", made its impact on the Nazis and Germany. It served as the reference of a Jewish plot to take over the world and murder off most of humanity. Thus, part of the Aryan struggle was as the opposition against this agenda and they took this as the axis of their anti-Semitic viewpoint. This same scenario under a different title resurfaced after 9-11 when various groups claimed the the group they identified as the Bilderberger Group of rich international bankers, CEOs, many of whom are claimed to be Jewish, are seeking to take control of the world and murder off 97 percent of humanity. Their alleged target is a controlled population of 500 million sequestered in factory cities. The claim is to save the environment of the earth from humanity, overpopulation and over consumption. This is seen as the carry over from the Third Reich into America.

The Nazis existed in an atmosphere of naturalism, health and physical culture and they readily adopted it. The Nazis were heavily into the occult, borrowing from a variety of sources. They claimed to have in their possession, the famed spear of destiny that contained a nail that was used to crucify Jesus Christ. They were avidly involved in Teutonic mysteries and the runic alphabet. Part of the requirement of belonging to the SA and SS was the study of the runic alphabet. They studied Teutonic culture and history and investigated phrenology; the study of the shape of the skull and its interpretation as in influence on abilities. The Nazis sponsored archaeologists who searched the world for evidence of the Aryan master race. Hitler himself depended upon astrology and directed his agenda based on astrological prognostications made by Kraft. The design of the standards used in parades was copied from the Roman empire as was the straight armed salute. The Nazis were also fascinated by orders of knights such as the Templars from the Medieval period. Hitler had himself painted as a knight on horseback with a raised lance.

Christianity and Christmas were rejected in favor of a summer solstice celebration. Interestingly they later accepted the presence of Pope Pious XII and cardinals in various functions and parades. Photographic evidence of the Pope and cardinals exist showing them standing beside the Nazi elite while the Nazis were making the Nazi salute to Hitler.

In the early days, sixteen of the Nazis elite were killed in a violent demonstration and the swastika flag fell into the blood. Thereafter in flag initiation ceremonies, every new flag had to be consecrated by coming in contact with the one soaked in the blood of the sixteen fallen Nazi comrades. The Nazis loved mass meetings and torchlight parades complete with medieval knights on horseback. The Nazis, particularly Hitler, Goebbels and Himmler were fascinated with anything occult and psychic. Many of the Nazi elite attended a prominent psychic of the day who had his own theater and practiced hypnotism. They used quatrains from Nostradamus to prove their case. Quatrains suggesting the defeat of France were plane dropped over Paris to break the morale of the French. The Americans had to counter with some of their own interpretations of Nostradamus. Himmler invested heavily in a castle thought to have occult meaning and power.

Hitler himself received training in order to project himself with more influence in mass meetings. He learned gestures and methods of speaking that had a mass hypnotic influence. Hitler and the Nazis used all the latest technology and developed some important innovations such as modern rocketry. Much of what they achieved was through furtive war financing and on slave labor. The fascination with the Nazis and their occult beliefs continues to this day. Many would be dictators have studied Hitler's techniques. The current New Age movement studies many of the subjects that the Nazis found interesting. Some areas fell into disfavor because of the Nazis, but we still maintain an interest in the psychic and the occult. Great powers such as US and the USSR were involved into powers such as remote viewing and psychic spying. The US continues black budget operations today. As recently as the Reagan era we have heard of the reliance on astrology to make decisions.

All of these arts and practices have their significance even today and there is still a wide interest as indicated by many periodicals. We are also interest in health, naturalism and even paganism. Today, the new age is involved in many of the things that the Nazis were interested in.

Proof of the Hitler-Church connection

Hitler was obsessed with the occult

Occult History of Third Reich 3
Occult History of Third Reich 3
This amazing history will give you insights into the past you never knew of thought possible.


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    • syzygyastro profile imageAUTHOR

      William J. Prest 

      8 years ago from Vancouver, Canada

      I didn't know that, but maybe you can write a hub about that and link it to this one or viza versa. I do know with some proof that Zionists and Nazis cooperated and collaborated in various ways.

    • Unifiniti profile image


      8 years ago

      You could talk about Denmark saving most of their Jews. Good Hub.

    • syzygyastro profile imageAUTHOR

      William J. Prest 

      11 years ago from Vancouver, Canada

      Why hasn't this interesting piece of history surfaced before. What is known, or at least promulgated as history is the involvement of the Catholic church in operation Paperclip at wars end that spirited some 1,600 Nazis war criminals out of Germany to the west. Among them was Wharner von Braun who ran the Peenemunde and Mittlewerk rocket facilities on slave labor while terror by V-1 and V-2 rockets rained ruin on Britain. The problem runs deep and though the Vatican denies ut, too much photographic and documentary proof exists concerning collaboration. Though they may have hid thousands from the Nazis, Schindler managed to save a large number of Jews himself while being directly involved with the Nazis. To sum up, history like science is not only weirder than we suppose, but weirder than we can suppose. Though I was not in WWII Berlin when cardinals stood with Nazi overlords in parades and reviews as seen in photographic evidence, I was present and communicated with Nazi escapees in Canada while studying fine art at Queens University in Kingston Ont. Now, I wonder how these Nazis from Germany got to live there when I encountered them in the early 80's? They still regarad Mein Kampf as their Bible, just as we regard our own Biblem whether Protestant or Douay version.

    • christopheranton profile image

      Christopher Antony Meade 

      11 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom

      Interesting, and well written hub, although I dont know why you have to drag the Catholic Church into it. Please remember that at the height of the Holocaust over 600,000 jews were saved as a direct result of being hidden in churches, convents, and monasteries. The instructions for this were issued by Pope Pius XII himself. Many people were also hidden in the Vatican.


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