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Hitler's Stalingrad 1945

Updated on January 19, 2010

Breslau 1945


The German garrison within the city of Breslau defied all odds. After being cut off in mid-February, the garrison held onto the city until AFTER the war ended! 


The task of taking the city was given to the Soviet 6th Army, composed of eight divisions, four armor regiments and two artillery divisions.  The task the Soviets faced was daunting; urban warfare and a very determined defender.  The 6th Army also had to use some of its force to garrison the surrounding suburbs, so in reality, the assault really fell upon the 74th Corps with its four divisions and other supporting units.  The 2nd Air Army was to provide ample destructive power.


The German garrison was made up of 50,000 men. The main focus of the Soviet attacks fell upon the western part of the city to avoid the OderRiver that sliced up the city into many parts.  The Soviet 6th Army contained 80,000 + men, excluding the tanks regiments and artillery divisions assigned to lay siege to the city.


Although Breslau was unimportant to the outcome of the war the battle for the city was not without incident or drama.  The Soviets made only a few “serious” attempts to penetrate using up to five divisions. By the war’s end the Germans lost 6000 KIA. The Soviets lost at least 12,000. These figures exclude the toll in wounded, estimates of which range from 20,000-40,000. The Soviets also lost up to 170 AFVs trying to seize the city. The Garrison finally surrendered after the war officially ended. Bizarre, but such is war!


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