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Homeschool Schedule Example

Updated on September 3, 2019

As a homeschooler, I usually get a lot of questions. It’s a unusual choice to many and I enjoy the conversation. Homeschooling in our house has changed in many ways over the years. This will be my fifth year homeschooling and it is still strange to say that. Has it been that long?

Homeschool scheduling is what I hear questions about most in daily life and forums, usually from new homeschoolers. It’s an overwhelming endeavor, especially when many parents are thrust into it, never planning to go down that path.

So what does a normal homeschooling day look like? Is it just like regular school, with neat little classes, bells, breaks? Or is it open chaos that many envision with the idea of their children being cooped up in the house all day? Or is it something in between?

First, I have to say, that it can be a million things, done a million different ways. It really is what works best for your family. I have done many styles, minus the chaos, because well, my patience is not that tolerable. I wouldn’t say my style is classical, yet it is something in between.

Some subjects I find work better given in small doses every day. I implemented folders that include little bites for each morning.

Other subjects are better learned in an immersive

The Schedule

Homeschool Daily Schedule:

8-Wake up, breakfast and outside read-aloud.

It starts on the porch and then the kids will play for a bit, after breakfast. I just read aloud and the older ones will take turns reading a few pages.

9-Morning Folder

4th grade example-page of math, spelling, multi-workbook option, and their journal. The list is included and will also have them log into an online curriculum and do a unit in one subject-changing daily.

The folder gives him control of his pace in the morning, when my son can tend to be crabby. It takes about an hour, or two, if he is dragging his feet. The playtime is a built-in incentive and he usually musters through, even if it is a subject or two that he doesn’t like.

?-12 Playtime.

In or out, depending on weather.

12-2:30 Lunch, break and naps.

Younger ones take naps and older one gets access to electronics. (as long as folder was done)

2:30 Typing/keyboard class

Doesn’t take long at all. He does one full unit and that’s that. He likes the game-style and looks forward to it each day.

3:00 Afternoon Project

This is more unit learning. Each day is different, continuing on for a 9-week ‘term’

Examples for first term are: Building class, writing/publishing book, Ancient Greece and Mythology, Art History/Appreciation, Cooking around the world.

Each 9 week term, all unit projects are changed.

By the end of the day, it’s close to dinner time, kids play, clean-up and help make dinner. We call it Life Skills.



Piano lessons-weekly

Science Kit Subscription

Wednesday-Late morning/Lunch

1st and 3rd. Library visit/park picnic.

2nd and 4th Art/science museum visit/park picnic.

Field Trips

Monthly HS Meet x 2 (skating, trampoline park, local events, etc.)

Scheduled Trip-Educational-monthly

1-2 Local attraction/event per month

1-2 nature outings per month

Right now, this schedule is working for us, yet I know it will change soon. It is every changing and evolving to his many interests. That’s the great thing about homeschooling. You can tailor-make a curriculum that works best for each individual child, as well as throwing in some practical skills that they will use in the future.

I would love to see what your homeschooling schedule looks like. I am always looking for new ideas.


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