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Hometech - Auto Fold Curtain.[ Video ].

Updated on February 23, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

Non Woven Wall Covering easy for ever.

Your Home.

As a Chief Executive and in a group of public sector industries my job was transferable to any of the states in south India except Tamil Nadu.Even in Tamilnadu when I was with a private industry we stayed in a 2 bed room first floor house.In all we stayed in 9 houses.My wife wanted to put up curtains to all doors and windows but I was very adamant and did not allow her to put up any curtains.The reason being I was not knowing when I will be transferred and the next house doors and window size may not suit our future house.However few houses which were inside or outside but belonging to the company had curtains.This kept my wife satisfied to some extent.My only thought and thinking was that I build my own home and make my wife do her dream job of dressing doors and windows to her fullest satisfaction.

All the fabrics used in your home are under Home-tech they are not apparel dresses or fashion fabrics.Home-tech is a part of Technical Textiles.The present day Home-tech fabrics made in India are exported to several countries.The production value of such Home-tech fabrics produced in India are over Rs.1,000 Crore in 2003-2004 and predicted double in the previous years and expected to touch nearly or over Rs.4,000 crores by the year 20014-2015.This is excluding Hand Loom fabrics.Turkey Towels are major exported items since they are not reused in many places.Like Hotels,Clubs,Resorts and Sports.The Door and Window Curtains remain till such time they fade in color due to continuous exposure to light,dust and moisture.Bed Sheets are always preferred in white and the color white turns yellowish after several washes and it's need is also next to towels.This is my experience of course. To conserve water and soap as also sterilizing of cotton napkins now it is paper Napkins which are extensively used made by new technology which feels almost like a cloth.Anti-Bacteria Bed Sheets in new technology has come in to our Hospitals but they are not Home-tech fabrics.It's better to buy fancy bedsheets only from highly reputed textile mills and preferably from co show rooms as fake ones may have colors that would be allergic to your skin and to many these days.Silk and hi-tech man-made fiber fabrics as bed sheets are for the elite of course.Our reputed textile mills export to many of the Palaces in UK and Europe.Floor coverings are now a days made of synthetic materials and cotton or coir fabrics are used by rental agencies who supply the material for a function and take it back later for a fixed sum depending on the quantity needs.The use of coir floor mats in all public sector and State & Central Govts would solve unemployment of entire Kerala state it is said.Home-tech logo is a arm chair that represents home.Interior Desigenrs,Architects and furniture makers do use Home-tech textiles extensively to give a fresh free and catchy look of your Home.The quality and durability of these fabrics depend on brand and there is no other easy way to find guarantee Logo on the fabric.

Logo of Hometech.

This is a Window Curtain that you Fold and it stays as you leave it there.No Strings attached.
This is a Window Curtain that you Fold and it stays as you leave it there.No Strings attached.
Logo of HomeTech.
Logo of HomeTech.


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