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Honeybee Swarms in the spring

Updated on April 16, 2009

Spring is here! So is the pollen. This is nothing new for the people who suffer from allergies. Pollen is a good thing for the Honeybee. The Honeybee uses the pollen to feed its young, and to convert the pollen into honey.

I am a Beekeeper in the upstate of South Carolina. We have six bee hives. Last sunday, we had just arrived home from church, and my wife said "come here and look at the bees". I walked outside and there was a cluster of bees in a Holly bush in our front yard. I quickly went into our workshop and picked up an extra bee hive that we had. I then took the hive box and walked to the Holly bush. I placed the box on the ground under the Holly bush limb, and gave the limb a quick jerk. The bees dropped into the box, and i then placed the lid on the box. Later, I was able to place the bees in the bee yard after dark, once the bees had settled down.

I had just gotten into my house when the phone began to ring. My neighbor was calling because they had a swarm of bees on the side of their house. Well, so much for the much-wanted shower i was going to take. I had to put on my bee suit, and go see my neighbor. When i got over there, they were correct. They had a small swarm clinging to the side of the house. Why bees pick certain places, is beyond me. There is really no rhyme or reason for the bees picking the place where they will swarm.

The Honeybee is a protected protected species--and rightfully should be due to the vital role that they play. The honey they produce is not only good to eat, but is very beneficial to you. Taking a tablespoon of local honey each day, will help you with your allergies. I have heard people complain about the honey not helping their allergies. If you purchase honey from a large food chain store, it is more than likely not local honey, (from your area). For the honey to be beneficial to you, it should be purchased from a local beekeeper or store that gets their honey from local beekeepers. The honey should come from within 50 miles of your home to be benefical for your allergies.

There are unscrupulous companies that will "cut", or stretch their honey with Karo Syrup, to make more profit. Most local beekeepers, do not "cut" their honey. I do not use any medications on, or in, my bee hives. My honey is truly 100% pure...straight from the hive to you.

If you happen to find a swarm in your yard, contact local beekeeper, to remove the bees. Do not kill the bees, for we need them for our food supplies. Keep the bees alive, and they will keep us alive.

Don't forget to have your honey! Bee Happy! Bee Sweet!


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