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Hot to get Resources; Resources Mobilization Guide for organizations and individuals

Updated on May 7, 2010

The definitions of resources, types of resources:

Resource: A supply of something that an organization has and can use to achieve a predetermined output (such as increase in wealth). e.g. time, space, equipment, money, land and water. 

Types of resources: Human, financial, material, (assets), virtual information, knowledge, natural, (land) (something that adds value to what we achieve). 

Mobilisation: To organize to a particular purpose.

Donor: Any person or organization that gives resources, contrary to the infamous association of donors as” white men” 

Resource mobilization: This is a systematic and planned process of organized supplies such as human, finances, information to attain a desired result, (e.g. vaccinate animals in Lanya).

Challenges to resource mobilization include:

·         Steadily dwindling resources

·         Reducing external dependency Vs financial sustainability

·         Many organisations are seeking access to resources while resource levels are still the same. Strategic issues, lack of solidarity among the NGOs, compromise of principles in order to get funding

·         More for profit organizations under social corporate responsibilities are giving resources(banks, oil companies)

·         Lack of accountability has in some cases caused donors to shift funding to other organizations.

·         Competition for resources may result into lack of solidarity and unity among NGOs

Opportunities presented by the above challenges to resource mobilization

·         Creating a sustainable alternatives to external funding

·         Creating conditions that promote a spirit of giving in the private sector

·         Engaging the state in creating an enabling environment for resource mobilization.

·         Collaborating in the context of resource mobilization

·         Strengthening of their resource mobilization capabilities

·         Assessing and responding to external organizational practices that impact on subsequent resource mobilization efforts.

·         Understanding that their values and principles influence their approaches to resource mobilization.

Approaches to Resources mobilizations

·         Income Generating Activities (IGAS)

·         Membership contribution

·         Training

·         Flexibility and year marked finances,

·         Creation of enterprises

·         Personal approach/interaction with the donors

·         Spending donor’s resources wisely

·         Proper keeping of financial records

·         Tapping the donor interest

·         Innovation

·         Donation from donor is not only finance

·         Follow up of appeal to get the feedback from the donor

·         Community buying  on what the organization is doing

·         Impress the donors, show the donors that you are the best to be funded

·         Sufficient training for the members to impart knowledge for sustainability

·         Flexibility

·         Partnership with business sector

·         Creation of foundation

·         Knowledge of sustaining organization with or without donors


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