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How Big is Bigfoot?

Updated on January 29, 2015

How big is bigfoot? Numerous sightings of the mysterious cryptid have been reported worldwide. Bigfoot, as it’s commonly called in North America, has been described as an apelike creature that dwells in heavily forested wilderness areas. Reports from around the world describe the creatures’ height as ranging anywhere between 6 feet and upwards of 8 feet tall.

Bigfoot: A Creature of Many Names

As mentioned above, bigfoot sightings are not a phenomena exclusive to North America. Similar ape-like creatures have been reported in Europe and Asia too. Bigfoot is known by many different names depending on the region. In North America, bigfoot is also commonly referred to as sasquatch or skunk ape. Bigfoot goes by many different names in Europe, including grendel, kaptar, and many more, depending upon the country. In Asia, it is commonly referred to as yeti or the Chinese Wildman.


Appearance and Height of Bigfoot

While descriptions of bigfoot vary worldwide, the reports include many common traits. Bigfoot is described as having ape-like features. They are also bipedal, meaning they walk on two legs, unlike other apes such as gorillas that walk on all fours.

Bigfoot are also described as being hairy creatures, with long, coarse hair covering the entire body. Hair color may vary from reddish brown to dark brown to black to grey. The hair can range from 3 inches long to 2 feet long. Sightings have also described varying reports of hair texture. Hair texture has been described as smooth, matted, and unkempt. Reports describe older bigfoot as having more grey hair, suggesting that, like humans, the hair follicles lose their ability to produce pigment with age.

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO), one of the most active and renowned bigfoot research teams in the United States, has compiled data from accounts of encounters with bigfoot. The majority of information gathered by BFRO and other eyewitness accounts describe bigfoot’s height as ranging from 6 feet tall to upwards of 8 feet tall. And, some accounts place bigfoot as being as much as 10 feet tall. BFRO has averaged that height to be approximately 7 feet tall for adults. Females are generally reported to be smaller in stature than males.

One of bigfoot’s most prominent features is the size of its feet. Hence, the name “bigfoot.” And, footprints are often cited as proof of its existence. Castings of bigfoot’s footprints are great evidence as far as confirming the height and weight of the creatures. Oftentimes, eyewitness accounts of bigfoot’s weight can be difficult to confirm. However, the impressions left by walking or standing are great clues in determining that information. A study conducted by Wolf H. Fahrenbach analyzing footprints collected in North American found that the average footprint length for bigfoot footprints is 15.5 inches, compared to the average human male footprint length of 10.4 inches. The study also discusses the relationship between the length of the footprint and the estimated height of the creature that left it. Unfortunately, there are no recorded circumstances in which the length of footprint could be linked to a specific bigfoot of known height. But, by examining the infamous Patterson film of an alleged bigfoot in 1967, Fahrenbach was able to develop a formula to predict the height of a bigfoot based on information about its footprint.

Bigfoot is certainly one of the biggest enigmas of the animal world. Many dispute whether or not such a population of ape-like creatures actually exists. Given that new species are still being discovered on our planet, the possibility remains that bigfoot populations exist in the wild all around the world.


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