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How Can You Speak Japanese Without Saying A Word?

Updated on August 9, 2010

How Can You Speak Japanese Without Saying A Word?

Learning any new language can be tough. Once you have a primary language and especially if you are older, it can be difficult to try and understand how another works. Of all the languages to learn, Japanese is one of the favorites because it is so pretty to listen to and it is surprisingly easy to learn. Some people have the idea that you can learn to speak Japanese without saying a word.

While the idea is nice, this is of course not something that you can actually do. The idea of learning to speak Japanese without saying a word was actually a joke video that is circulating on the Internet, created by Ken Tanaka and Remi February. If you are actually interested in learning the Japanese language you are going to need to do more than say a word, you are going to have to spend time studying and practicing. These are greetings used by the Japanese which you would use if you were meeting up with a friend or passing someone by on the street.

Focus first on the key words and phrases, those you would be using most often such as bathroom, restaurant, please and thank you. Once you progress a bit you may want to sign up for an online course. This is where you can start to learn more complicated sentence structure and grammar. You can go through an online company like Japanese Online where you can even sign up as a member and be offered more advanced services.

This is one of the best online courses today offering lessons on Japanese. One of the most popular online language learning courses is the Rosetta Stone program. There is also the Rosetta Stone language program which offers a fun and easy way to learn a new language. There are different programs available at different levels so you can start off at the right skill level.

There are other tips that will help you learn the language, such as playing Japanese language CDs in the car on your way to work each morning. Chances are you are used to getting tied up in traffic during the commute, so you have a ton of extra time to spare anyway. Some people find that hiring a private tutor helps out a lot. Japanese is one of the most primary languages in the world and well worth becoming fluent in.


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    • HubSearchDotNet profile image

      HubSearchDotNet 7 years ago

      Iteresting, I like the point on playing a CD everyday, I commute 10 hours per week so this may be good for me :D