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How Earth is affected by humans

Updated on September 12, 2015

The slow but steady changes

We've lived here for thousands upon thousands of years but we have never affected our earth's environment like we're doing today. As all types of advancements such as cars, planes, trains, factories and other man made creations are put to use, these such technologies have a critical role of slowly changing earth's health for the worse. Even though earth is a planet, it does have a health of some sort and with any type of health it can degrade with abuse. Over the past 100 years we have done more damage to earth then anything that we can possibly imagine in the billions of years earth has accomplished to survive. As further research was conducted into this pollution matter, we knew that solutions had to be put to work and with the hard work of many it came true. Some of these genius solutions include, creating cars that run only on electricity, solar panels, wind turbines and even just by recycling.

Transportation pollution

Cars and other transportation vehicles create carbon monoxide and other deadly gases that cause "The greenhouse effect". As more and more chemicals accumulate in the atmosphere it causes a chemical reaction that directly affect our weather, these pollutants don't dissipate on their own and trap heat like an oven, this reaction is called The green house effect. Temperatures during the summer are rising each year causing record breaking temperatures, this is due to the fact that our earth's ice is slowly residing. Ice that is gathered in the northern and southern region of this world is used to balance the temperature world wide thus changing our environment when it is melted. This is only one element of many that impact our planet's atmosphere negatively. To reduce pollution, when owning a car every couple of years you have to test the emissions your car releases which is called a smog test. This is a measure that the government implemented to reduce car pollution but even though it does help it's not enough.

Power plants

Factories are used to produce a colossal amount of items that we need and with each item that is made, pollution accompanies it. Nuclear reactors which are power plants where they split atoms to produce energy is a huge culprit to pollution. There has been situations where something went wrong and radio active waste started leaking out. The Chernobyl Nuclear power plant is located in Russia that was decommissioned due to a dangerous radioactive leak and required a whole community to be evacuated. Studies have shown when their's a leak the radiation is so powerful that no living creature can survive if contact is made and can remain in the area of exposure for hundreds of years. As technology advances, people have come up with ways to eliminate risk factors by making alternate solutions. Natural energy producers such as solar panels, can be installed on the roof of your house and by the power of the sun it generates enough energy to power your whole house.

Different industrial pollution

Over a 100 years ago an important event which was called the industrial revolution occurred, this was a major contributor to everything we have today. As different types of factories were created so were the methods of pollution. Even though it was a blessing to have all these technologies brought to us by the revolution, we desperately need to come up with new ideas that can reduce emissions so that our environment Isn't affected as much. Some warehouse burn fossil fuels and during business hours and release greenhouse gasses non stop. It has been shown in a study that these industrial factories emits 50% of all man made gases. Other factories produce toxic bi-products that can pollute water, air, soil and even endanger animal habitats, to say the least, it affects our earth drastically. Eventually, if we put our mind to it, we can find different ways to create the same things and at the same time reduce toxic substances that are released into our planet.

Agricultural pollution

As agriculture has expanded more and more over the years, we try our best to maintain what is grown healthy. Mass growing crops are hard to maintain if the proper measures aren't taken. Insects, weeds and nematodes wipe out nearly 40% of all crops across the world so we use harmful pesticides to protect our food sources. Although it isn't good to use pesticides we have to because if we didn't 80% of all crops would die but one day someone will have a genius idea to counter this problem. Farm animals surprisingly also release methane gases through their waste matter they expel after eating. These methane gases are successful in trapping heat in, similar to the color black, causing our planet to grow hotter, the lifespan of methane lasts anywhere between 9-15 years.

Recyclable pollution

Recyclable pollution is anything that we create, use and has the ability to be reused. Instead of throwing it in the trash to go to a landfill or on the side of the road, we can be a good samaritan and separate it to be recycled once again. These recyclables include...

•plastic bottles and bags

•Any type of cardboard

•All types of metal such as aluminum, steel, iron etc.

•All glass

•Anything that is made out of paper such as newspaper, office paper, phone books

The resolution

It's impossible to stop pollution but there are many tactics to reduce it. Anyone and everyone can play their part in reducing the abuse we inflict on our planet, if that's kept in mind we can make our world last a while longer for future generations. This earth has been very generous to us by supplying us with everything we require to live, so now it's time to give back. No matter what it is you decide to reduce any help is needed and appreciated.


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    • RachaelLefler profile image

      Rachael Lefler 2 years ago from Illinois

      I liked this hub. Good examples and good use of pictures to complement what you were saying.

    • JasmenVilando profile image

      Jasmen Vilando 2 years ago from Yokohama

      It is sad to think how humans have impacted the environment. You mention some important examples. Coming from an island country, though, I have noticed how much pollution ends up in the ocean. Thank you for writng this article, I hope to read more.