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How International Students Can Get Into Harvard And Stanford

Updated on June 1, 2009

You may find filling out your international application very challenging. You may also find the tuition at an Ivy League school very challenging. This aspect of attending a top notch US college is the reason most international students come from well-off families.

However, don’t be discouraged. It takes more than money to be accepted at an Ivy League school. You also have to submit an impressive international application. If you follow these four tips, you should be able to create an application that will stand out in a positive way.

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No matter what country you are from, you are bound to find these tips helpful.

1) First things first. Score well on your standardized tests. Most important is SAT, but SAT II, TOEFL and IELTS also carry a lot of weight.

2) Stand out in one subject and make a point of saying so. Having a specialty makes you more attractive to an Ivy League school because it means you will bring even more diversity to the campus. Many students who each excel in a given area combine to make a well-rounded student body.

Put more emphasis on your academic strengths and less on your extracurricular strengths. Even though you may have very impressive extracurricular achievements, they will be hard to compare with those of other potential students, so it is best to make your academic achievements your priority.

3) Be sure that your essays are grammatically correct by having a native English speaker proofread them for you. Your objective is to turn in an essay that exhibits correct syntax and grammar; however, you don’t want it to be so polished that it looks as if a professional wrote it. Keep it in your voice, but be sure it is predominantly free of errors.

4) Make some online/on-campus friends, and be sure to mention that you have done so in your application. This shows an interest in the school. Many American potential students visit the campuses of the schools in which they are interested. You probably will not be able to do this, but do the best you can via internet, and be sure to mention it in your essay.

If you want to make a good impression with your international application, follow these four tips, and you won’t go wrong! All the best to you as you pursue your dreams!

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