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How Lithium may help Mental Illness

Updated on August 24, 2014
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How lithium can help with mental issues

As I have written elsewhere today's soils and diet's are deprived of many minerals. Magnesium and lithium are common minerals people are lacking. High does of Lithium (around 300 mg) are used to treat psychiatric problems such as bipolar disorder. Lithium used in low dosage can be helpful with many mental problems.

Decreased levels of minerals (especially lithium and magnesium) may affect the body in a multitude of ways, especially mentally. Even an addition of a small amount of lithium can decrease the sodium gradient in your brain and decreasing neurotoxicity.

The basic premise behind why lithium can help is that it looks a lot like sodium, so much our bodies (our kidneys in particular) often confuse the two. By supplementing with lithium it helps to lower the sodium gradient in our brains and lower neurotoxicity.

It's speculated then that long term low dose lithium supplementation can enhance our neurotrophic factors, neuroprotective factors and/or neurogenesis, which may be attributed to reduced risk of suicide in countries with higher amounts of lithium in water supplies.

Do you suffer from or know someone that suffers from?

Do you suffer from or know someone that suffers from?

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How to supplement with lithium

Lithium orotate is the best form of lithium to supplement with. It is best to supplement with low amounts of it such as 2 mg. Commonly the lowest dosage you will find will be 5 mg so it may require splitting the pill in half and starting at 2 mg.

It is not recommended to start at a higher dosage as it may increase the side effects from taking so much. Other forms are not recommended as well. Some side effects may be apparent during the first couple days but they will dissipate.

Supplementing with other minerals and electrolyte may help as well, especially if suffering from mitochondrial dysfunction (chronic fatigue and people with thyroid issues often suffer from this). Magnesium and bioplasma cell salts should be supplemented as well. I have written before about magnesium supplementation and making/using magnesium oil here:

From personal experience and research, decreased minerals/mineral deficiency seems to contribute to health problems and lower enzyme activity. By supplementing and balancing out the minerals you supplement with it can help with many health problems people deal with on a daily basis.

Conditions that can be improved with lithium supplementation

Supplementing with lithium can improve a number of health conditions. It can help with MTHFR enzyme mutations, bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety. In countries with higher levels of lithium in water supplies there has been lower incidence of crime, mental diseases and suicide. Even in countries with a high incidence of suicide such as Japan has shown improvement. This blog post alone shows many ways in which supplementing with lithium may help:

It has been shown that higher amounts of lithium may decrease thyroid function. While it hasn't been researched or shown scientifically it may be due to having mineral/electrolyte imbalance, and there also may be diminishing returns on taking too much lithium. Taking the right amount of lithium may be beneficial for people suffering from mental problems. Staying properly hydrated with plenty of electrolytes will also help a lot as well as shown by another hubpage of mine here:

Lithium and products to help

Doctor's Best Best Lithium Orotate (5mg), 200-Count
Doctor's Best Best Lithium Orotate (5mg), 200-Count

This is the best form or lithium orotate to supplement with. Start and stay at a low dose such as 2-2.5 mg. This comes in 5 mg so you can split it into two and will last for some time.


Lithium uses for mental health


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