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How Micki Maus (Mickey Mouse) Changed World War Two in 1944

Updated on January 18, 2014
A show of force in Hungary
A show of force in Hungary
Otto Skorzeny
Otto Skorzeny

Hungary was always a German ally in WW2. Hitler needed the country for its raw materials including oil fields. When Hungary sided with Germany, Hitler rewarded them by giving the country a large part of Rumania called Transylvania. Hungary had its own limited aspirations in the Balkans region. Hungarian forces also fought along with the Germans in Russia, although, they were always the weaker link.

In August, 1944, the Russian juggernaut had smashed to Rumania and it was then apparent to its leader, Horthy, that Germany was on the retreat and unlikely they were on the winning side. It was at this time, Horthy, began negotiations secretly with the Russians hoping for a deal. As the war continued and Russia now had entered Hungary in September, the secret negotiations had advanced to the point that both sides had an agreement.

The deal was completed and instead of remaining secret about it, on Oct. 15, Horthy made his public announcement. Hitler was shocked and had little notice of what had happened. Within days, as the Germans fought in and around Debrecen trying to avoid another encirclement, Operation Micki Maus was launched.

It was a swift squashing of any deal and control as an SS commandos led by Otto Skorzeny. The SS surrounded Horthy's government buildings and arrested him. So, with minimal violence and death, Hitler took control of the Hungarian government and forced Hungary to remain an ally until 1945.

Micki Maus saved Hitler and allowed Germany to stay in the war longer.


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