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Where Do Race Relations Need To Go?

Updated on June 22, 2015

The black-white race relationship in the USA is confusing to some. Any time there is a death of a black person at the hand of a white person, the issue raises it ugly head. Is it racist? Did the killer harbor racist thoughts about the black person, or, was it simply a crime? An accident? What is weird is that if a black person is killed by a non-white (Hispanic, Asian) none of the suspicion is cast upon them as being racist. Then, the reverse, where a white person is killed by a black person, and seldom does the race issue seem to be asked. Why?

The American Civil War was caused by slavery. That is why the Southern States wanted to depart from the Union. The Confederate flag represented that new union of states that wanted slavery of black persons. After the war ended, so did slavery, yet the Confederate flag was still flying in the South as act of defiance. It still flies in some states, like South Carolina, today. This flag is a symbol of hate, of slavery, and a way of life. Those who truly embrace it, depending on their ages, embrace the thought that whites are superior to black. But, age is the key.

But, black leaders continue to state that while race relations have greatly improved, we still have a long way to go. Is this just rhetoric and sound bite to rally a crowd for support? Some think so. Just where do they want to go with race relations? What more needs to be done? When asked, they really don't have concrete answers. It is just some Utopian concept that sounds ideal. Growing up black in the 1950's was even different that those in the 1960's and even more different than the 1970's and beyond. Just where should race relations go in 2015?

Today, there are black leaders everywhere you look. They are presidents, mayors, judges, leaders in business, cinema, music and much more. As a refresher, America never had an all black TV show until the early 1970's. Race relations have come a long way, baby! Some think racism is worse today. President Obama used the word nigger during an podcast interview causing a debate about its use. One of John Lennon's song, Women are the Nigger of the World, refers to women as being slaves to men, thus, niggers. In Obama's book, he used the word nigger 15 times in describing his life as a half white, half black man. Too much is being made of the N-word. One cannot outlaw the word because of the First Amendment. Using the word for instructive or to make a point is fine, using it in a derogatory manner is wrong.

In a perfect world, there would be no racism and all would be fair. There would be no discrimination of any sort based on age, race, religion, gender. There would be no crime, no poverty, that promotes it. There would be no hate and just love. There will always be those who embrace racist ideas or concepts and do acts that support that.

So, just where do the black leaders want race relations to go? To a Utopian world that will never occur? Is it just a nice sounding sound bite for public consumption? Do they want to corral hate groups around America and then what? Do they want to make free speech not so free anymore? Do they want to make Jesus a black man? Do they really think they are not equal to all others, today? Is there any connection between a rich black man and a poor one in a ghetto, other than their skin color?

Is discrimination just part of human nature, no matter how much you try to prevent it? Is it part of one's own paranoia? A white person who goes to Africa feels the discrimination because everyone is black. An Asian feels it when they live in a world of Caucasian, yet the skin color is white. A Puerto Rican feels it when they go to Mexico, even though the skin color is the same, but is based on dialect.

Racism will never be eliminated.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 2 years ago

      I guess because it is the national flag for the USA, the confederate flag is not. A country cannot have two national flags in 2015. The past is just that, time to let this symbol go to the museum.

    • claptona profile image

      John D Wilson 2 years ago from Earth

      What I don't get, and never understand, is this:

      If the war was fought over slavery, why was slavery allowed in the Northern states during the civil war?

      You're against a flag that was used by men who felt that D.C. was out of touch with what the southern states wanted - to be able govern themselves without interference from D.C.

      Similar to what's going on in Texas today, and may other states that feel D.C. is out of touch with the average Americans way of thinking.

      The south tried to negotiate with Lincoln to resolve issues, but Lincoln rebuffed them every time.

      Lincoln wanted to crush his detractors.

      He wasn't a leader, he was a dictator. If you were in the North, objected to the Civil war, it would land you in jail.

      That's why Lincoln had to hire mercenaries - who didn't have the support of the common man in the North, either.

      So many misconceptions about the Civil war.

      The winning side always tells the lies that best suits it's needs.

      Are you for "The Star Spangled Banner", written by a slave holder and defender of slavery?

      Are you for the American flag, which up until the 60's was as bigoted as the Confederate flag.

      The American flag was used to infiltrate the NAACP, the Black Panthers and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)

      Up until the 40's, the U.S. government didn't even think blacks were capable of flying and fighting in airplanes.

      Black were discriminated against up until the 60's. Legally by the U.S. government.

      So, explain to me why the red white and blue is so superior to the Confederate flag?