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How To Avoid And Get Rid Of Ants

Updated on October 22, 2011

Ants are a very little creature that may make you go crazy if you find them in your home. There are different types of ants like brown ants, black ants and some other too. These little creatures are not usually harmful but yet sometimes they may bite or destroy things like food.

They actually look for cool places in summers and spring so dark and cool rooms especially storerooms are their favorite place to gather. This can be a hide out for ants in your home too. Another place of attraction for them in your home is definitely your kitchen. Ants love food and even a smallest minute particle may cause hundreds of ants to gather into your kitchen.

So if your target is to remove ants from your home and get rid of them you need to find out all the factors that may be causing ants to attack your home. The most attractive food items for them are all that is sweet. Whatever sweet thing they would find in your home they will gather for that. You have honey jar at home? Even if you are going to keep it in cabinet they will reach it some how, so it’s better to keep that in refrigerator.

Precautions; Avoiding Ants


You extremely need to keep the trash cans far away from your home else they would serve as an invitation from you for ants to become uninvited guests of yours. Definitely there would be residuals of food and some peels of vegetables and all things so it would serve as good enough food for them.


You need to take good care as if you have cleaned your kitchen counter and dining table after having meals or not. Because again; if any particle of food would be left over there, the ants are definitely going to come to get that for themselves.


If you have pool around your home, than there are greater chances of ants to reach your home. Actually ants need water all the time so if they are going to get such large reserve of water they are going to come to that.

Seal The Cracks

If there are any cracks in your home in kitchen, pantry or anywhere else than seal them as soon as possible.

Even a very little space left that you won’t be able to identify even would let a way to ants to come into your home. So be extremely vigilant, you may also use magnifying glass to be sure that no place is left open. And silicon caulks sere as good solution to seal such cracks.

Destroying Ant Hills

If you find any ant hills around your home than you immediately need to destroy them. You may use insecticide repellents available in markets or even large amount of hot water. Just pour these in cracks or on mounds and seal it after that so that you may get rid of ants completely and there is no way left for them to enter your home.

These were some tips and precautions that you should always consider if you want to avoid ants to come into your home. But what if they are already there at your place? Here you will find the easiest solutions as to how you may get rid of them if they are there.

Solutions; How to Remove Ants from Home?

Through Cleaning

You need to go through a through cleaning process of you home, and the first place to start with should be your kitchen.

Check out keenly if all food items are stored properly and unreachable for ants after your cleaning process or not? Look for anything around in home that may be an invitation for ants. After being sure of all these things you may take few more steps to make them go away.

Household Items

Believe it or not you can get rid of ants easily by using some common household items and avoiding toxic pesticides. Had you ever thought that the baby powder of your kid would serve as a good measure to make ants run away? Yes, if you have doubt that from any place the ants may come you just need to sprinkle some of the baby powder there and you’ll see them gone away as they dislike it a lot.

For more remedial items you can come to your kitchen. Vinegar, cinnamon, black pepper and bay leaves will also serve for your target. You may spray and sprinkle any of these to get rid of ants.

So here are enough measures that you may take to keep your home safe from ants. 


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    • Faybe Bay profile image

      Faye Constantino 7 years ago from Florida

      Excellent hub on the subject of ants! I had the very small "tickle" ants. you can barely see them. I started making some sauces and they required bay leaf. The ants are gone, but I didn't know it was because I was using bay leaf in almost all of my food lately! They disappeared right after I started using it regularly! Amazing.