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How To Avoid Internet and Real Life Frauds

Updated on February 27, 2009

How to avoid frauds!


As a way of furthering my tutorial on how to become rich without committing illegal things, I have packaged these guidelines to help you escape most online and real life scams that are growing so quick today. This is to help you guard your hard earned money from fraudsters. Now, let’s start:

1. know it now if you don’t know already, no legal business requires you to be secretive or confidential while doing it. Therefore, any business offer that requires you to keep secrets is a scam, run away!


2. Never you try to purchase anything from any website (that is not well known and proven to you), with your credit card- most websites contain high programmed spy wares to track your secret codes and pins.


3. do not open or try to read any email message sent to your inbox by an unknown user- if you do, your password, credit card pin and others are all at high risk of being hacked because, most messages are programmed with high hacking spy wares that installs itself automatically into your personal computer, immediately you open or click on them. This spy wares will then be tracking any password, secret pins or codes entered through your computer, and then transfers these information to the hacker’s database. He or she can now use them to gain access to your personal information. The best advice is to simply delete any unknown email in your inbox or spam box.


4. Beware of affiliate programs, most are scams to fraud you. Their real name is pyramid scam. Unless, they will pay you for referring people or advertising for them without asking you to register with money or to upgrade your membership with money. But if they do request registration fee, just run away and please don’t forget to report them to the internet police (you should know one by now).


5. Get paid: to surf, to read emails, to take surveys, to enter data, to advertise etc. many of them (about 91%) are scams and pure day-dreams, beware! These programs are replicas of just about 8% of the real ones. I have been a victim. They will allow you to register for free, then you will start earning big money through their false programs so easily, until you reach their said minimum payout, when you now request for a payout, they will now ask you to upgrade your membership to either, gold, diamond or platinum with a stipulated amount (that might look small to you when compared to the one you must have earned with them, though not yet cashed out), when you upgrade, your money is lost forever, they will never pay you that money they said you have earned, because they themselves don’t have the money either, of course they are money seekers like you. And they design these websites this way (to accept free membership at first), so as to draw your interest to upgrade more, when you must have earned some huge amount that they will display in your account details with them.


6. Online Dating: this is becoming too rampant because fo its high income yield (HIY) for the scammers. Yes, there are real online dating sites, but they are few, though I won’t mention any here, simply forget them, work hard and be real, you will meet your real partner one day in real life. I am not here to a make match anyway; I am only here to guide you to riches without losing any cash.

   Checkout the secrets of many online dating sites: they surf and gather people’s pictures and most times, they allow people to register (sign up) free just to fill up their site database in order to make their sites look real and genuine. They are not there to match you with any partner; their interest is to get your membership, upgradement fee. Again, most will design real-like message and send them out massively, which you might receive such message from someone claiming to be your match, asking for your corporation in friendship, relationship or affair- when you reply this message, they will then request you to upgrade with a specific amount, in order to access their full packages. At this point, you will be highly tempted to upgrade with the said amount, because you have seen a match. Don’t fool yourself, damn such offers, and stay safe!

   Also, in some sites, that allow free membership assessments, they make their illegal money in a different manner, how? They post profiles (with charming photographs), mostly as ladies searching for partners, when you contact them, they will reply you like real person. Then dating begins online, with time, they start asking for your financial assistance as their lover, tempted by the deepness of your relationship with her (false person), you start sending money in anticipation for love, and hoping to meet her one day in person (scam).


7. Forex trading- this is another popular scam that is growing very fast globally. I am very glad to have this opportunity to bring this to your knowledge. Please know it now that most forex platforms (brookers) are scam and virtual. If you want to engage in forex business, why not visit your bank’s customer service or local forex authority for guidance. Don’t invest your money in any unconfirmed and unproven forex site.


8. High Yield Investment Programs (HYPS) are 80% scam, beware! A friend lost over $450 worth of e-gold account last year.


9. Online and Real-life Job offers: this is another fast growing scam worldwide. This is as a result of the current global economic crisis and rising unemployment. But do not let this ruin your life savings. Accept job offers only from the company itself. Do not apply for a job through a third party. Apply for online jobs only though the company’s official website. Remember, no company or employer asks you for money before recruiting you. With this in your innermost heart, your chances of falling prey to these scams will be 15%, try more to make it 0%.


10. Health product promos and Adverts: most of these promos and adverts are fake and unfulfilled. Their promises are never fulfilled in most cases; your money will be lost while you feel hurt and disappointed. Buy reliable products through inquiries from; friends, family members and colleagues who might have used the products. You can also make enquiries from the company itself, request for a guarantee or reliance test, if possible.

    These are some of the guides best known to me for now, as I research further, I shall make it known here. Please do your best to avoid fraud, it ruins life, hurts the heart and discourages the mind. Stay safe; don’t give out your personal information easily to people or in an unknown websites. Good luck!


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      Lgali 8 years ago

      very useful hub Thanks