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How To Beat The Casino in BlackJack

Updated on June 2, 2014

Beating the House More Often

Beating The Dealer More Often

Blackjack is one of the few games in the casino that has a near 50/50 chance of the player winning. I'd say the odds are 45/55 toward the house. The idea here is to get it as one sided in the players favor as possible. The way to make this happen is one of trickiness and memory. Now I'm not going to teach how to count cards because in todays gambling world you a rarely ever faced with a single or two deck boot. The casinos are smart and know that the best way to detour card counters are to make sure there 6 to 8 decks shuffled into the boot at any time. These tricks are for you to memories and to try to do as often as possible. There will be some slight counting but it won't be in an intricate form where you will know exactly any specifics. In order to have that kind of knowledge you would already have to have an impressive mathematical mind, not to mention a memory of a teenager. The only way to be successful counting cards, or at least the only way that's been recorded is having people with minds that were developed at top institutes like MIT. So let's get off the card counting and get to some of the tips and tricks.

Forget The Match

First Forget The Match

Match the dealer has gained more then its fair share of popularity as of late. It shot up from being something strictly seen in Vegas to something every blackjack table at every casino seems to have now. I believe the idea here is to get people bored with going back and fourth for so long to take some steep gambles. Then there also the people who are pulled in with idea of big money and now play blackjack just trying to win the match. Think about the odds of having perfect matches. The impossible bet is there. Now listen everyone enjoys playing blackjack differently and I'm not detouring people who really enjoy playing the match. I'm simply stating if you want a shot at beating the casino don't play the match. Your money is going to be in rare supply. I assume at least compared to the casino, if you are reading this you probably aren't rich and if you are you probably fail in comparison to the casino. Lets keep in mind that your starting money is important. This is a game of back and fourth. A match remember, is something the casino puts out so you can lose money when you win. This means if your playing a ten dollar hand and put 5 dollars on a match they are only paying 5 dollars for your win. Essentially they are saving 50% of there loss. The only situation where the match should even be attempted is if you have found a casino that offers dollar a hand blackjack. In most cases you will be losing 15 dollars a hand if the set betting hand is $10 like in most casinos. You need to win your wins and not lose extra on your losses. Now this isn't the only important thing happening at this point. It is every bit important for you to keep in mind your situation. You are playing against a powerhouse.

Watch The Players

Watching Other People At The Table

Watching people at the table is extremely important. The way they play dictates not only how you have to play but also if you should play at that table. It is important to find people who play by the rules. If they don't play by the rules you are taking a risk of never knowing what to do. Granted, lets say you have found the table that you need. If you've come with one hundred dollars lets hope this is no more then a ten dollar a hand table. The lower you can bet the better and let me explain why. The game of blackjack is a game of intuition. If you don't feel a hand is going to be good, having the option to bet as low as you want is the best option you can have. If the dealer appears to be on a run you don't want to get run over. Now back to the players. I recommend if you are sitting at a full table, that you sit toward the third or fourth seat. Now the reason for this is simple. You must watch what each of these players have. Chances are they will be hitting to try to beat the dealers card. If three tens come out you should follow the rules and if you are showing bad cards and the dealer is showing a 7 through 10 take a hit. You should hit no matter what according to the rules. However, this is where I'm trying to give you a small edge. If you are looking at all small cards taken by the three players in front of you. It is probably wise to stay. Now this is contradictory to the book. Yet, I have seen more winners do this then loser. If you have a 12 or more you are guaranteed a bust card because your odds have just increased around 66%. Think about it, there are so many tens in these decks that if three people dodged the bullet your about to get shot. It's like being the fourth person in Russian Roulette. The point is if the other players all missed your going to have to be "that guy" at the table.

Watch The Dealer

Watching The Dealer

The dealer will sometimes get a 7 showing and at this point it is important to not only look at the other players cards but the cards that have come out since. If many face cards and tens have been dealt to the table, and even more are coming out after the deal then it's time for another ballsy move. Again this isn't following the book which I recommend almost always doing, but I've seen more winning done with these tips. The chances of the dealer receiving a ten with multiple tens out decreases his percentage. Dependent on how many it could take the chance of him having a ten under there to 35%. Not perfect, but still a good indicator of chances here. Again, you are going to be "that guy" but be calm. You'd be surprised but the dealer could any card under there other then an ace and he's bound to bust. Even if he has an ace, a dealer must hit a soft 17 in most casinos and there is a chance he will bust anyway. Look this isn't fool proof and it won't help you win every time but every bit of an edge you can get helps.

Playing the Dealer one on one

Player Vs. Dealer one on one

I prefer this but it's hard to get a table alone unless you are playing high stakes. Pretty much the goal here is to have the dealer take everything as often as possible. If you are both showing low cards give it to the dealer. With the few amount of cards dealt out there is an overwhelming amount of face cards. You must keep in mind that there will be overwhelming pressure on the dealer as there is normally on you. Though it's not his money you must be able to keep calm. Also watch the dealer closely, if he deals to quick walk away and you don't like it walk away. You never want to feel uncomfortable. Only hit guaranteed moves. Again leave most of the play up to him as if he were the player. Making the house the player puts him in an uncomfortable situation making giving you a step above.

Better Odd's more money

Better Odds

The goal of all this is really going to push you to playing at 50/50 or maybe 55/45 you the player. There are never guarantees in gambling and there isn't a way short of counting that you are going to win every time. However, with these tips and some luck you will beat the house more often maybe even as high as 60% of the time. It's up to you to be good on when you bet high and when you bet low. So use these tips and see how you do.

I'd love feedback feel free to comment down below, tell me if you're buying a new car or selling your house. Let me know if this was helpful for you, it has been for friends of mine.

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    • joedolphin88 profile image

      Joe 3 years ago from north miami FL

      High roller depends on how much I win first I come short stacked but do pretty well usually. Ill definitely check it out and I appreciate the read comment and link

    • joedolphin88 profile image

      Joe 3 years ago from north miami FL

      Thanks for reading, I'd love to hear how you do.

    • epbooks profile image

      Elizabeth Parker 3 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      I used to love blackjack but haven't played in quite some time, probably because the wins weren't all that frequent. Perhaps next time I play I will refer to your hub first! Thanks for sharing!