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How To Create The Life Of Your Dreams Through Conscious Thought

Updated on August 9, 2015

You Can Have It All, If You get Out Of The Way

Is your life a living testimony of your dreams and desires? If not, make an effort to become aware of your thoughts and words in your everyday life.Take inventory by writing them down and examining their truth. These are your beliefs, what you live by and how you create your life. How are they working for you?

Beautiful swallowtail butterfly tastes nectar from a lilac blossom
Beautiful swallowtail butterfly tastes nectar from a lilac blossom | Source

How To Become The Butterfly

Over the millennia of existence we humans have been controlled by many forms of structure, all of which were created out of fear. Designed by those in a position of power, these structures reinforce the struggle, keeping us fearful, powerless and experiencing lack and limitation. In other words, we have been our own worst enemy. Fortunately, all of that is changing now. Awareness is on the rise and for the first time, many are starting to question the "rules." We are getting a glimpses of our own greatness while learning tentatively how to navigate in a strange new world. It is my intention help raise your awareness and empower you to take charge and be responsible for creating your life consciously with your beliefs. I encourage you to release your old belief system that no longer serves you and the stories you made up to support them, to emerge into a life of freedom, peace, joy and happiness. If you think this sounds too good to be true I challenge you to ask yourself why you believe that and from where did this belief come, thus starting the process of self-examination. Ouch! Self-examination. Sounds a little scary, doesn't it? Self-examination is not for the weak of heart. It requires that one lets down all the walls he or she has built over many life times and look unabashedly at who you really are. Yes, it maybe painful, that is why we have kept them hidden for so long - to avoid the pain. But I promise you the fear of the pain is more painful than the pain itself. If you take this baby step with the trust of a child, you will begin to be aware of the beliefs that are keeping you down, keeping you in your tiny box - your comfort zone, if you will. Awareness is the first step in making a change. As you go through this process you will become the butterfly. You will emerge from your cocoon and fly!

Great Blue Heron Taking Flight
Great Blue Heron Taking Flight | Source

Awareness Is The First Step

Okay, are to ready to fly? Here is your first task. Start by writing down your beliefs. You will know some of them right off the top of your head. Others are buried a little deeper. Take a look at your actions and reactions to people and your life experiences. What or who makes you angry? What do you deem right or wrong? These will be neon signs pointing to your beliefs. Then ask yourself honestly where this belief came from. Is it something you inherited and you believe by default or is it truly your belief? The last step is to ask yourself if this belief serves you today. Does it really support your life and where you want to go? From there you can decide whether you want keep this belief or simply let it go.

Dawn On The Atlantic
Dawn On The Atlantic | Source

Learn more about how thoughts and beliefs affect your life

You Are What You Believe

Let's take a look at beliefs and how they limit our experiences and expressions in all of our lifetimes on earth. You may have found the task of identifying your beliefs daunting and challenging, so I thought I would give you examples from my experience. I had many, many beliefs that I didn't know I had as well as beliefs I said I had but my actions did not match. All of these no longer served me and held me back from the life I wanted to live. Here is a list of some of the beliefs that surfaced for me:" no pain, no gain", "you must work hard", "you can't get ahead without an education", "you don't get something for nothing", "there is no free lunch", "you can't have it all" and the most ridiculous belief of all: "you can't have your cake and eat it, too". Have you ever found yourself saying any of these? If you have, this is what you are creating. In addition, I believed that I was stupid and not only undeserving of anything good; but I truly believed I didn't deserve to be here. These are beliefs I inherited from my parents and from society who's job it was to get me to conform and to keep me under control and powerless. These are all lies that originated from who knows who, but most of us brought into them without question to gain approval, acceptance and love from our parents, our teachers, our ministers, and so on. We are all wired with a desire for connection and sometimes, we will sacrifice ourselves to get the approval we so desperately need. Sometimes these beliefs are just an automatic response to life that we never question. But let me ask you this. In conforming to all these rules, do you really feel loved and accepted for who you are? For me the answer was no. Even at age 50, I just kept going around and around on the hamster wheel hoping someday the fairy tale would come true. I would bet most of you have had similar experiences, so ask yourself this; have you followed all the rules and believed in the lies and do you really have the life "they" promised? If following the rules really worked it would apply to everyone and everyone would be living the life of their dreams just by following the rules. How do you explain the people who have had great success without being "good." We all know them. What is their secret? The secret comes down to how and what they believe about themselves and life.

Thoughts And Beliefs Can Be Changed

Fortunately, beliefs can be changed by thinking different thoughts. What is a belief? A belief is a thought you think over and over again. Did you get that? We create our own beliefs by our thoughts. Change your thoughts and you change your beliefs, and therefore, your life experience. We have discovered that our thoughts are really things that create our life experiences. Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right!" Buddha said, “The mind is everything. What you think you become.” Napoleon Hill write his book, Think And Grow Rich that thoughts are things. He talks about a man who turned his intense desire into reality simply by using his thoughts, beliefs and persistence. I love this quote by Napoleon Hill "If you have formed the habit of seeing life only from your own perspective, you may make the mistake of believing that your limitations are the proper measure of limitation." There are many books written about the law of attraction books, but my favorites are the Abraham Hicks series. Their teachings are based on the fact that we live in a universe of inclusion based on electromagnetics. What does that mean? It means that we are big magnets attracting life experiences to us based on our thoughts. If you belief there is no gain without pain, that will be true for you. If you believe you can't get something for nothing, or there is no free lunch you will be right. If you believe you can't have it all, guess what? You won't. If you believe you must work hard and struggle for every morsel you receive in life, you will. Likewise, constantly thinking about all the things you don't want, magnetizes those very things to you because that is where your focus is.

I hope you are starting to see how important it is to be aware of what your mind is doing. The first step to creating a magnificent life is to become aware of our thoughts and beliefs. Identify them, make a list, analyze them and decide whether to keep them or release them. They are not true. Just because your mind thinks them doesn't make them true. You make them true by believing in them. I am giving you permission to take your power back and create the life you want. Create on purpose instead of by default.

I welcome you to share your insights, your struggles with us and let us know which of your limiting beliefs you are letting go of. Let's begin to make a change in the world. You can change the world, you know. It all starts with you. Are you for the journey?

Starry Night
Starry Night | Source

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