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How I Found The True Meaning of Life

Updated on May 30, 2019
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A living Entity with a quest to seek the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Answer to What is Life
Answer to What is Life

Introducing The Real You

Stand up, face the mirror. Take a deep look at yourself. Don't look at your imperfections, your pimples, bumps, scars, wrinkles or blemishes. But take a good look at the person within the body host. Take a good look at your spirit, look in your eyes and ask yourself this question. Who am I and what is my purpose? You see, by asking yourself this question and seeking out the answer, you have began a journey deep into what life really means and what is life itself. Inorder for you to truly understand what is life, you have to understand who you really are and what is your true purpose here in this dream of reality.

Mankind is an revolving species just like any other species placed in this realm. We are birth, we grow, we mature in our host body, the body fades and we later pass away. Just like any other animal which exist on this plane. So what really makes us different from a cat or a dog who goes through the same life cycle as man? Aren't cats and dogs alive? They have life right? So they must be alive. But why are we alive, why are all the animals of the earth alive? Why do we need to be alive? It simply couldn't be just to go to school, get a fictitious education and join the line of misinformation into a failing system. The truth is that we all have chosen to be here. We have all made this choice to be in this host. Simply for the experience of living.

What Is Life Answered

Life is the total consciousness of energy which gives human and plants the experience of living. Yes, life is simply an experience of living. Many people may not understand this so I will elaborate further. Conscious energy forms a spirit that cannot exist in a living state without having a host. The human spirit is pure energy which is neither alive or dead. It is an energy of consciousness. The human spirit is everlasting and is God. The human spirit is capable of unimaginable task. It is not limited by the laws of Physics. Living is limited by the laws of physics and once the spirit starts living, it will become susceptible to all the experiences and properties of it's host. The human spirit is incapable of experiencing pleasure, yet the human body is capable of experiencing all 'Natural' feelings. This is the experience that the human spirit enjoys and as such as taken up dwelling in it's fleshly host.

The Spirit is why humans are capable of dreaming. All dreams are from the subconscious state of the human being which is the spirit. This is why in your dreams there are no limits. Anything is possible in the dream realm, hence the dream realm is not reality nor is it life. In the dream realm, the spirit leaves your body and goes upon it's own adventure, hence taking life away from you. If your spirit never returns to your body, you become 'lifeless' and of course this is called death. Many people have fallen asleep and somehow never woke up. This is simply the spirit leaving the experience of that host for other adventures.


Remembering Life In Near Death Experience

There are thousands of people who have had near death experience and most if not all have the same memory of what it felt like to be lifeless. Near death experience is simply the temporary displacement of the human spirit from the host flesh. This normally happens when the flesh becomes critically ill or wounded and the mind of the brain looses the electrical charges to keep the soul intact. When the spirit realises that the body is loosing electrical charges, it begins to slowly leave the host. This is why when many patients begin to loose consciousness, doctors or medics will use the defibrillator machine to stun heart arrhythmias so the heart’s normal electrical impulse can make the heart beat normally. Once the heart starts beating normally and 'sending electrical charges back into the body, the guest returns immediately and stays with the host until death.

Plants Experience Living

Not only humans experience life through living. Plants also have the experience too. And just like all creatures that are given life from the seed and egg, there is not much difference in conception when it comes to plants. You see, there can and will never be any true deviation to a living experience. No matter the form of life, whether plant or animal, all have to conform to the properties of being alive. That is, feeling, breathing and dying. But the life experience given to plants still differs from that of the human. As plants are organic and most were created to maintain our organic life form. Plants do not have the spirit energy but contains an unknown energy which allows them to be alive. That same energy is found in the living waters, the celestial bodies, the sun and moon.

What Is the Experience of Living?

The experience of living is simply to enjoy the different states of matter and energy.Matter and energy can form many different states, a typical example is the different taste between chicken and beef. Chicken is flesh, beef is flesh. Chicken is protein and beef is protein. The fowl and the bull are both animals. So what makes the chicken taste different from that of the cow is really the different states of energy and matter. Nothing more, nothing less. Billions of spirit have chosen to have this experience and hence have fallen into a sleep like state inside the human body. Once the body has become useless, the spirit will move on to find a new host and have a different experience in living.

So what will you make your spirit remember about living? What is your experience in living like? Why not create good memories, live happy and free? Have you ever heard the time, "You have your whole life ahead of you?" Well you don't. But you have the whole experience of living.

© 2019 Clive Williams


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