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How To Build A Baking Soda Volcano

Updated on February 13, 2012

How To Build a Baking Soda Volcano Here is a really great environmental science project for a sixth or seventh grader and its safe and easy to do. The baking soda volcano is easy to do, the effect is great and its safe. You will want a 2 liter soft drink bottle with the label removed and you'll want to remove the cap also.

Now you will need.

1. 6 Cups Flour.

2. 2 Cups Salt.

3. 4 Tablespoons Cooking Oil.

4. 2 Cups Water.

Mix the above ingredients together in a large bowl. If you want to you can color your flour with colored food dye. We made our flour red and it looked really good. You want to take a small shallow box that is about 16 inches by 16 inches and at least 2 - 3 inches deep. Put an inch or two of dirt in the bottom of your box and then set your soda bottle down in the center of the box. Take your hands and mold the flour around the soda bottle to make it look like a real volcano. You can do it on a large plate if you don't want to do it in a box. We have done it both ways. With the box you can put plastic animals in the dirt around the volcano and explain what would happen to the animals if the volcano erupted.

Let the dough dry overnight on the bottle. When you get ready to do the effect fill a similar drink bottle with hot water leaving only 3-4 inches of room at the top of the bottle. Add red food coloring to your bottle and shake well. Use a funnel and pour your water into the volcano you made. Add six large drops of dish detergent and 2 tablespoons of baking soda into the volcano. Now your ready for the eruption. Pour white vinegar in and you will get an eruption. You may want to practice the amounts with another plain 2 liter soda bottle at home so you get the amounts exactly right. Then you'll know exactly the right amounts when you take the volcano you made to school. You can add various colors of food coloring to the bottle for a colorful eruption.

The more time you spend on your volcano the better it will look when you finish the experiment at school. In the typical volcano eruption lava is forced up and out of the chambers underground beneath the volcano. In huge eruptions globs of hot lava can be thrown thru the air for miles. Pyroclastic clouds of super heated gas and rocks can be thrown from the volcano at speeds of up to 450 miles per hour. So your not going to out run it. They can destroy every thing in their paths and heat the air to 1000 degrees. They also carry noxious deadly gas. You can research and discuss what happened during the recent eruption of Mt St Helen's in Washington State.

In the photo above you can see Mt St. Helen's in Washington State still smoking two years after the initial eruption which occurred on May 18th 1980.
In the photo above you can see Mt St. Helen's in Washington State still smoking two years after the initial eruption which occurred on May 18th 1980.

Information You May Want To Discuss About Volcanoes

You can CLICK HERE and find out all kinds of information about the Mt. St. Helen's Eruption.

Items For Discussion

1. What causes a volcano to erupt?

2. What happens when a volcano erupts?

3. What happens to the area around a volcano when an eruption happens?

4. What happens to the people and animals around a volcano when it erupts?

5. Is their any way to stop a volcano from erupting?

6. How many active volcano's are their in the United States?

7. What are the most famous volcanic eruptions in history?

And you can find many more topics to discuss about volcano's. Just use Google or another search engine to find all the information you may need. You can also find some great videos at You Tube about volcano's.

Here are some of the most famous volcano eruptions of all time so you can research them if you would like to.

MT. PEL√ČE (1902)

MT. ST. HELENS (1980)

LAKE NYOS (1986)





You can make your presentation as elaborate as you like and usually the more information you give the better the grade you will get. You can always print photos off the internet and pass those photos around in class when you are doing your presentation to give everyone a good ideal of what your talking about. Or you can buy some of the new art boards now available in places like Wal-Mart and make your presentation on artboard. Set up your art board behind the volcano you make and you will have a real nice display that should earn you a great grade from your teacher. Good luck on your project.

I hope a baking soda volcano is in your future very soon. Please come back and post and let us all know how it turned out for you. Have a nice day.

Tavurvur in Papua New Guinea erupting.
Tavurvur in Papua New Guinea erupting.
Thomas Byers aka Crazyhorsesghost has been writing at Hub Pages for over four years now and he hopes you will check out all his Hub Pages.
Thomas Byers aka Crazyhorsesghost has been writing at Hub Pages for over four years now and he hopes you will check out all his Hub Pages. | Source

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    • breathe2travel profile image


      6 years ago from Gulf Coast, USA

      My five year old has been begging all morning to make a volcano with an "interruption"... he meant, one that can erupt! I plan to use this as a guideline.

      Voted up & useful -- thanks for sharing! :)

    • Eiddwen profile image


      6 years ago from Wales

      Brilliant and I have to get the grandkids together so that we can try it out together.

      Oh it is so much fun being a grandmother(mamgu).

      Thanks for sharing;take care and enjoy your day.


    • WayneDave profile image


      6 years ago from Leeds, England

      Nice hub!!


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