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How To Check The Accreditation Of An Online College

Updated on May 27, 2012

When you are, deciding on going back to school there are something’s you need to. One of them is to decide whether you are going to take classes online through a college or attend actual classes for your education. With today’s technology, many working adults are taking the leap to further their education through the use of the internet. With the ability to schedule classes around their family, work, and other priorities, it is easier than ever to get a great education in the fields they are choosing. One thing that people think about when it comes to distance learning online is if their school is a real school and not a scam. It is extremely beneficial to make sure that the degree you are going to be getting is real and authentic.

With online learning, you have the ability to enroll in any university or college that offers that distance learning. With such a wide degree of availability, it is not unusual for people to create false universities that are not accredited higher institutions of learning. Instead, they would be a vocational or technical school that provides you a certificate of completion. These certificates if not industry standards may or may not be accepted by prospective employers.

So, making sure a college or university is accredited by the national instate of learning is critical. They have several sources in which you can check to see if a college or university is accredited national institute of higher learning. First, you can check the credentials of the school with the state and local government. They may differ in the definition of the college, so it’s always an excellent idea to check and see if they list them as accredited. Finally, you want to check the main sources of accredited intuitions. They are the CHEA and the DETC departments. These two departments can verify if the school is legitimate or not. Once the schools you are interested in attending have been verified the next step would be to see if other colleges or universities except there classes as requirements.

If, your credits for the school do not transfer properly, it can cause a lot of headaches and confusion. You would need to redo classes you already took to receive credit for the classes. So, instead of wasting your time and money check with other schools in the area to make sure they accept credit from these online universities to establish the right classes and the correct ones that will transfer when you are ready.


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