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How To Confront Positively

Updated on March 14, 2010
Confrontation - Wrong Approach
Confrontation - Wrong Approach

Confrontation is inevitable in our world especially in various organizations, amongst family members, friends etc. There is therefore need to confront positively whenever the need arises.

Learn to confront the wrong action but not the person. Confrontation when done taking the necessary steps can yield better result but if a wrong approach is taken, it will cause conflict and that is why many would prefer to avoid confrontations.

Here is a list to help you confront positively:

Confront the Wrong Action and not the Person

Stop confronting people and start addressing the real issue. The reason it keeps ending up as an argument is because you are confronting the wrong object.

When you confront the action, you would have made known to the person that it was the wrong action you are pointing out and not fighting the person.

It should be done with the person’s best interest at heart but not to condemn them.

Confront Immediately

Confront the wrong action immediately. Don’t leave it till later but make the move to address it. Speak out in love immediately it is noticed.

There’s always a need for an honest and urgent step to be taken to stand against such actions.

The person in question wouldn’t see the need to confront his/her wrong actions if they have been ignored for days, weeks or even months before they are addressed. If this happens, it fuels up anger and resentment, which shouldn’t be allowed when confrontation takes place.

Confrontation is all about pointing out the wrong actions in a timely manner without the intent to cause argument or anger.

Be Specific

Go straight to the issue and address exactly the matter. No need to beat about the bush and don’t accuse the person of past mistakes or wrong doings. Each issue should be dealt with uniquely without reference to the past. When wrong actions are addressed uniquely, it becomes simple to resolve.

Express Your Feelings About the Wrong Action.

When confronting the wrong action, be free to express yourself in love pointing out how you feel about the matter. Never pretend to be fine when you are still boiling within you.

Speak out! When you do this, you, as a person feels a sudden relief knowing fully well that you have spoken the truth concerning the matter.

The reason for expressing yourself the way you feel is to bring the other person to the point where he understand the things he has done wrong so he can learn from his failures.

Confront only What The Person Can Change

It is totally pointless when you begin to argue when the problem can’t be remedied. There must be instances when some things have to be overlooked in other for both parties to move forward.

Confrontations are needed for so many reasons as a way to create awareness for one’s mistakes or wrong doings but at the same time shouldn’t be used to find faults in people.

Always Suggest a Solution to Solve the Problem

One of the greatest damage or hurt you can bring upon the person you are confronting is to confront their wrong actions without suggesting any possible solution to rectify or avoid their wrong actions the next time.

We are sometimes quick to judge that we forget the need to help by providing necessary solutions.

Understanding is a very important key when handling confrontations and must be dealt with by exercising a lot of patience.

By the time you master these principles, you will be able to confront the wrong actions of people rather than the person involved. You will be able to handle better actions that need urgent confrontation.

Not only will you be able to confront the wrong actions of others, you will be able to come up with possible solutions to rectify the problems.


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    • betteryou profile image

      betteryou 7 years ago from London UK

      Thanks so much Silver Poet for stopping to read my hub and for your comment. Relating and confronting people positively are keys that needs to be employed at all times.

      Many Thanks.

    • Silver Poet profile image

      Silver Poet 7 years ago from the computer of a midwestern American writer

      I like this approach. I think positive methods should be used whenever possible. Good hub.