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How To Easily Apply And Remove False Eyelashes

Updated on October 10, 2009

Applying And Removing Fake Lashes

Lets face it, not all of use were born with the most gorgeous lashes. That is where fake eye lashes come in. No matter how thinned out your natural lashes are, false eye lashes can really bring out the look of your eyes. They do not always have to be dramatic either. If you are wanting a more natural look all you need to do is apply a few lash tabs (single lashes) to your lash line. If you want a more dramatic look then you can add many lash tabs or go for the lash band. There are all different kinds of colors and styles when it comes to lashes. You can even have rhinestones on them if you choose to do so.

Lash bands and the easiest to apply in my opinion. All you do is apply a thin line of lash band glue along the edge of the fake lashes and then apply in firmly to your lash line. As close as you can get without actually putting it on your real lashes. You are generally not supposed to put mascara on when wearing lashes because it can make them come off sooner and sometimes they can get really clumped up and that looks terrible. Removing band lashes is easy too. Just use eye makeup remover. Put some on a Q-tip and gently very lightly swipe it over your eyes. Do this several times to get them nice and saturated with the makeup remover. Then with your fingertips gently rub in circles over the lashes close to your lash line. They will come right off. If you do not have makeup remover then baby oil works just as well. It can take up to ten minutes sometimes to get them off. Just remember NEVER pull therm off. If you do more than likely you will pull your real lashes off with the fake ones. That would not be good. So have a little patience and they will come off. Also you should know that the more you wear fake lashes the thinner your natural lashes will become. This is true will both lash tabs and lash bands.

Lash tabs or individual lashes are a bit trickier. If it is your first time wearing lash tabs it may be easier to have someone else do it for you. Using a pair of tweezers gently pick the lash tab of and dip the end with the ball on it in the glue. Do not use too much glue. It can get in your eyse and burn or make it more difficult to remove them. After dipping the end in the glue you place the lash on top of your natural lashes as close to but not touching your lash line as you can get. Do NOT put them on your eyelid. Start at the outer corner and work in. You can add just as few or as many as possible. Remove the same way as with lash bands except for this time gently roll the lashes with your fingers right at your lash line. They will come off after a few times of doing this. These are attached to your real lashes so be very careful taking them off. You will probably lose a few natural lashes doing this but not enough to notice.

Also remember when wearing fake lashes never to rub your eyes. They get all clumped up and look really bad and you will have to remove them and start all over.They can also get a little heavy feeling on your eyes.


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