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How To Find Nokia Phone's Life Timer?

Updated on August 28, 2009

Simple Idea To Find Your Nokia Phone's Life Timer

Do You Whats The Age Of Your Nokia Phone?

Many Of You Probably Won't...

So Here is the Trick on How To Find Your Phones Age...

Simple Press *#92702689# in Your Nokia Phone.

You Will Now See Your Phone's Serial Number

Scroll Down To View

Made - Your Nokia Phone's Manufacturing Date

Purchasing Date - The Date When You Purchased

Repaired - This Shows The Date When Was It Discharged From Service Center

and Finally

Your LIFE TIMER - Number of Hours You Holded Your Nokia Phone In Your Ears...

Had You Found Out Your Nokia Phone's Age?

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music

How To Find Which Nokia Model Phone You Own?

Do u Know What is the Model Name Of Your Nokia Phone?

I'm Sure That Many Of You Know It Already... :)

This Post Is Just For Whom Doesn't Know Their Nokia Phone Model...

Here It Is...

Just Press *#0000#

You Can Now See Your Phone's Version No & When Was it Created.

BELOW the Date Created You Can See Your Phone's Model No.

You Can Also Find Your Phone's Model No in Another Way Too

Just Remove The Battery And Look At The Sticker in Battery Compartment.

NOTE: Don't Look At The Battery Up & Down.

You Won't Find It Anyway.

Look At The Phone. :D

Nokia N79

How To Find Your Nokia Phone's IMEI Number?

Many Of Them Don't Knows It & Will Search For Assistance

So Here is The Tip.

Just Press *#06#

Note :  IMEI Number Has 15 Digits.

5800 Contact Home Screen


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    • profile image

      5 years ago

      nice help thank u for those who have posted

    • profile image

      Malika 8 years ago


      This is What I am Searching For a While...

      Thanks alot for posting some wonderful tips...