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How To Find a Job In Your Area

Updated on October 30, 2009

How To Find a Job In Your Area

There you are struggling to find a job.  And the thing is, you really need it!  You hear the horror stories of those people that have not found a job in months and you see how they are doing--not well at all.  What are you going to do to prevent this?  What are you going to do to find a job in your area?  Well, I am here to tell you several methods that will help you land that job within a couple of days...hopefully. Nothing is absolutely certain.  But without your attempt, you will not get a job.  Thus, start reading and put these ideas to work.

How to find a job in your area:

  • Search job databases online.  There are many job databases online.  They are there to help you, so you might as well try using them.  Use their search engine to narrow down your search.  Make sure that you select the location that you live in.  Post your resume on ever available opportunity.  This will increase your chances of landing a job in your area.
  • Walk around and look for signs.  On a night where you are not doing anything--you don't have a job, you are not doing anything--take a long walk down the main street of your city.  Look in the windows of all the shops.  If a shop needs people to work with them they will have a sign like, "Help Wanted," posted in the window. Once you see that, enter the store and drop off your resume.
  • Read the classifieds.  This can be done online or through your local paper.  When online, make sure you select the city you want a job in.  Select the "Career" or "Job" section.  When there, find all the job offers and send out your resume to every email.  You should get a response from one person.  Do the same thing for your local paper.
  • Ask all your friends.  Hopefully you have good friends.  Ask all your friends what jobs they know are available.  You will get a better response from these people than that of employers that do not know you.  They say that 80% of the time you will land a job through a friend.  Get on those odds!

These were a few ways to find a job in your area.  They should help when you are absolutely stuck with developing fresh "job hunt" ideas.  Try all of them.  If your remain persistent, you will get a job.  Take care and good luck in your search.


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