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How To Get A High Score In ACT Math: 5 Essential Tips

Updated on July 2, 2018

Beat The ACT Math Test Like A Pro: Pass With Flying Colors!

ACT Math. It is the most feared subject of all. But before you get overwhelmed by this thought, take confidence that there is always something you can do about it. Yup, that’s what ACT Math test prep programs are for. First off, you might be wondering about how to get a high score in ACT Math. This article will provide some important tips to guide you.

Be wary of going blind when taking the ACT Math test. Be in-the-know because knowledge is the best antidote to fear. What are you bound to come across in the Math section of the ACT test? There are 60 questions in the ACT Math test that you are required to answer within 60 minutes. This means that you have precisely 1 minute to answer every question. Not all questions in the Math test are created equal, too. As you move on with your test-taking, you will find that the questions progress in difficulty. Numbers 1 to 20 in the test are easy questions; numbers 21 to 40 medium questions, and numbers 41 to 60 are categorized as hard questions.

5 Tips About How To Get A High Score In The ACT Math Test

  • Don’t overlook the small details. Many times, test-takers claim that they missed getting the right answers in the test because of their “stupid mistakes”. That’s because they failed to take note of the particulars. Those errors could have easily been prevented if they paid attention to the minute details. The fact is, these students were well-aware of the pertinent information in the test, but they simply got “careless”. Consider that test-makers have designed Math problems to challenge the students’ ability to interpret every graphic, number, symbol or word in every item. Thus, you have to prepare accordingly in your ACT Math test review. Learn how to examine Math questions by noticing the small details of decimals, graphs, signs and chart stories along with the tricky wording of story problems.
  • Be strategic in handling multiple-choice questions. All questions in the ACT Math test are multiple-choice. You therefore don’t need to enter any numerics in your answer sheet. What you’re looking for in every Math problem in the test is basically staring right in front of you. In this case, you have to learn how to logically and strategically eliminate wrong answers if you find yourself in a quandary. Consider how the test could trick you in choosing misleading answers.
  • Choose the most effect ACT Math test prep materials. You need to get hold of the most effectual test prep materials for ACT Math. Not all of the materials you can find are the same. There are inferior ones as well as really excellent resources. Online, you can find credible and updated ACT test prep and study guides such as Look at their ratings, user reviews and Google ranking. Check for quality when searching for tips, tricks and information from ACT test blogs.
  • Use the calculator sparingly; don’t be too dependent on it. Don’t rely too much on your calculator when doing practice tests for the Math section. Your use of that gadget should be a real decision. Although you will be allowed to use the calculator in the actual test, be mindful that too much tinkering of it is a trap. In your test prep and review, you should learn how to do mental math estimation. You’re more likely to arrive at the correct answer in this manner, and in actuality, it would take more time if you keyed in every procedure in the calculator. You might even enter the wrong number, while writing down Math problems will enhance your speed and accuracy.
  • Obtain sufficient information about the Math test and practice constantly. Get hold of ample information about the topics that are covered in the Math section of the ACT test. Do away with the jitters of being ignorant about what will come out in the test. Being resourceful and taking practice tests will help you overcome test anxiety. Your goal is to be as calm and confident as possible as you come face to face with the dreaded ACT Math test. Then again, it won’t be so daunting anymore!

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