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How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches For Good

Updated on February 8, 2016

The Cockroaches Have To Go

I really despise bugs. They might have a purpose in life but when they get in my space, they have to go. I had to get rid of cockroaches recently and it was the worst experience ever. I think I picked them up when I went this bar my friend wanted to check out. When we sat at the bar and ordered our drinks, this nasty cockroach walked casually across the bar table. The reason I recognized it is because I saw them about 20 years ago when I was visiting someone at their home. It freaked me out then and it it freaks me out now. In the 6 years I have lived in my apartment I have never seen a roach so I couldn't understand where it came from except for recalling that time at the bar a few weeks earlier. I wondered if found a way to travel home with me and were slowly making a home for themselves in my apartment. I was devastated and embarrassed by the thought of having them in my house. I am a very clean person and do not leave food or garbage hanging around so it really pissed me off that they came to visit me. I did get rid of the roaches though and it was easier than I thought but it still bothers me to this day.

How I Got Rid Of Cockroaches Without An Exterminator

I live in an apartment building where the landlord might have brought in an exterminator to chemically bomb out the roaches but those chemicals are toxic and shortlived. I hear that people who get exterminators out to get rid of roaches have to call them back again and I again. I figured since my situation wasn't a major infestation I would try and eliminate them with more natural methods. At first I only saw one roach and I caught it immediately. I figured that was the end of it and the problem would go away but to my disappointment I saw about 2 more the next day and then a few more the next day and so on. I killed every as many as I could because I knew that they mass produce like crazy. I immediately went out and bought glue traps and that gave me a good idea of how big the problem was. I found a few roaches in the traps and knew that they must have a hiding place somewhere. I went out and bought a whole bunch of ziploc bags, storage totes and containers and some 20 mule boraxwhich is a laundry agent that has been know to effectively eliminate roaches.

Tips To Get Rid Of Roaches

The first thing you need to do when getting rid of roaches is to find their hiding places. I emptied out all of my kitchen cupboards and sure enough they were all hanging out in the corners of the cupboards. I killed them all instantly with oven cleaner. It was the only thing I had at the time that came in a spray form and that was at my disposal. I am sure that was toxic enough but not the best solution. I put all of my food in large plastic ziploc bags and put all my dishes, pots and pans in large storage totes. I cleaned the cupboards thoroughly with bleach and pinesol just to completely disinfect the cupboards and let them dry. I lightly sprinkled the Borax all through the cupboards once they were clean, dry and emptied and let the Borax do it's magic. I noticed results almost immediately. The next day I saw one roach then for 2 days I didn't see any. The third day I saw one more again and realized the battle was not over. I put out a bait trap consisting of borax and sugar in a jar lid and by the end of the 5th day I didn't see any at all. It seems like they all just disappeared. I do see brown fragments of what appears to be a bug amidst the powder and think they might have just shred to pieces.

It is important to vacuum everyday as well as take out the garbage frequently to make sure there are no crumbs hanging around . When you vacuum you must empty the bag everytime just in case the roaches or their eggs get sucked up in canister.

The Most Effective Roach Killer


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