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How To Get Through Finals Week

Updated on December 7, 2015

College is a three to four month nuisance of information that you will not need on a day to day basis in life. Sometimes waking up and going to class is annoyance, but there is nothing worse than the struggle that is called finals week. All your classes having tests during the same week, and the questions could possibly go back to day one of your semester? If you've been doing everything that you were supposed to, your grades can be dramatically dropped in one moment. And if you've done horrible all semester, then finals can be the finishing move to demolish your teetering GPA. Many people become anxietal which makes it harder to study and even harder to get through test feeling confident about the answers you've written into existence. Hopefully, this guide will give you the steps needed to feel assured that you've done the best you can after exams are all said and done.

Breathe and Be Comfortable

Sometimes you need to realize that you can make yourself go crazy thinking about getting through finals. Stressing out will get you nowhere, especially when it comes to stressing out about school. If you stress out, your brain relates the stress to whatever is it is that stressed you out. So if you stress out about going exercising, then when you go out exercising your body will feel stressed. Stressing out about exams, will make it even harder to get through them. So take the time to feel comfortable with studying, which is actually easier said than done. Get yourself something that you enjoy eating, find your own little comfortable corner of the world, and make sure you have ample time because procrastination is stress. Keep yourself calmed and relaxed and be in a good space before you even attempt to ponder about final weeks.

Take The Practice Test

If there is a practice final exam, then take it! Most professors put questions that mimic the actual exam questions so this is literally the best study guide you can find. This form of studying takes the hassle off roaming through endless textbook chapters wondering what will be on the test. Studying with a group of friends in never recommended because that is a distraction waiting to happen, but when a professor introduces the heavenly practice test, then invite one or two friend over to your dorm. You best option is to rewrite the questions with different numbers or concepts and then deliver them to each other. This is very effective because if you can create a problem on a topic, you should be able to complete them with just as much ease. Practice tests are your guides to an easy A so do not be foolish and skip them all together.because you will live to regret it!

Go Over All Your Old Tests And Assignments

Granted that you did not throw all you old work in the garbage or leave them crumbled in a ball somewhere in your desk, old assignments and exams become a forgotten treasure when finals roll around. Many professors use repeat question from old test, hoping that you have forgotten all about them. Take them and make sure that you remember every single word rebatum. Even if professors do not use the exact question, you will have an insight on how they write their exams. Old assignment are the key to information that you need to have downpack first. If a professor put it on the syllabus, then there is more of a chance that it will be on the exam.

Study Smart, Not Hard

Do not..... I repeat do not cram. Cramming is not more effective than long term studying. Take one hour out of every day during your week to clear through a topic. Skim through your written notes, and I advise you take written notes because you are most likely absorb knowledge and commit it to memory. Study smart, not hard. Going over topics that you understand all too well is not very smart. Instead, after taking practice test, take note of the topics of questions that you did not answer correctly, and study these topics. You will realize that you are studying less and learning more.

How do you study?

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    • AngelaJJ profile image


      2 years ago

      Good advice !


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