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How To Groom Your Unicorn

Updated on August 31, 2014

Know your Unicorn

I have recently heard speculations of the best grooming techniques for unicorns, and i was appalled of the
lack of education, expertise and patience to some methods online. As far as well being, unicorns are best off in homes that have
lots of properties, in areas with little to no snow, and families that have lots of spare time for grooming!! Unicorns need an
extensive amount of grooming time due to their pearlescent white coats, long lustrious manes, and glittered hooves.
I decided to write this blog to describe my techniques in grooming for our families unicorns.

You will need a few tools and prepping items to begin. I reccommend Glittered Sattles brand grooming tools, they are
a bit on the pricey side, another brand, more reasonably priced, is Silky Horn. make sure all of your tools are finely
sanitized, as for obvious reasons, unicorns can contract illness very easily, due to the lack of immune systems
evolution to earths enviroment. Place all your tools out in a row for effective proceedure.

Washing Your Unicorn

I always start off by talking sweetly to the little guy to reaffirm safety. I then take my water hose, make sure
the water is warm, outside temperature, and hose them down, making sure not to slash their faces. I fill a bucket halfway
with water, add my Glitter Saddle brand Celestial Cosmic-berry Concentrate soap. I usually do two cap fulls. You don't
need a lot. I also add 1 tablespoon of rainbow glitter; she prefers the rainbow to another. Make sure you buy the
hypo-allergenic glitter, because I have heard horror stories!! I use a regular loofah to rub her down, and I let the soap
soak in for about 3 minutes before the rinse. a few places not to forget are as follows:

A.Glitter Ducts. these are located behind their ears, and their ankles.
If they aren't cleaned at least once a week a buildup can happen.
and it could be painful and dry out their ducts for life.

B. Eyelids. Unicorns have such long lashes from then they teleport, to protect
their eyes from dust, moon rock, and whatnot. Take a washcloth with only
` warn water and lightly rub off the cosmic dust.

C. Their armpits. Any unicorn owner will tell you their armpits have high levels of
radiation and can be harmful to you. I use Glitter Saddles brand Radicorn wipes
to wipe them daily.

Brushing Out The Mane

When brushing out the mane first be sure all the hair is dry. this can be achieved by a mane dryer. I bought
the Sparkleheat Dryer by Silky Horn. I would highly recommend this product. I can dry my unicorns hair in minutes.
I was also sent the sparkle styler brush. Its a basic brush, hard bristles and glitter collection deposits. Start at the tips
and work your way to the roots. If you notice lots of breakage use some strengthening product. I use home grown fresh squeezed Fairy oil.
Its the easiest product to work with and I have an over-abundance of fairies on my property.

Sealing The Hooves

Unicorns hooves are very stong and have naturally occuring glitter, but as they age, their hooves get dull. I take a
emery board and file down their hooves, not too much, just enough to expose some sparkle texture, for glitter application.
As you know glitter can get quite expensive, and most the time it goes to waste. I take the glitter from my mane brush
deposits, and mix it with pearlicorn brand hoove sealent. It prevents chipping, gives selfconfidence, and is part of the
mating ritual that unicorns have. I always put a second coat of glitter and a third coat of just sealent. Depending
on the size of your unicorn, by the time youre finished with your last hoove, your first one should be dry again, so its
beneficial to go in order.

Finishing Up

I always end with singing the song of Telestopia to my unicorns for a protection spell, and well being.
it makes them feel safe, and loved. Sanitize your tools immediately, and let your little buddy show off and frolic
around your makes them feel incredible to get groomed. I hope some of this helped. As an owner and
breeder of over 13 unicorns, I know what mine favor and appreciate most, and I hope yours appreciate this as well.

Your Thoughts ?

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    • profile image

      turbocorn 3 years ago

      I tried the sealant suggested, and man.. Flame has never been so rockin'. He is a champion racer in the crab nebula. What him to not only feel like a champ, but look the part!

    • profile image

      pureng 3 years ago

      Sparkleheat website would be your best bet. They have some great deals. Also try a specialized unicorn store.

    • profile image

      unifriend 3 years ago

      Can you tell me where I can by sparkle heat dryer. My Con - air is not doing the trick.

    • profile image

      Dani 3 years ago

      Thank you for posting this. I never knew about the glitter ducts needing cleaning weekly, I was doing it monthly. My poor Zensia has probably had some painful ducts. Thanks to you she will be less bitchy near the end of the month, and frolic through the rainbow meadow gleefully.

    • profile image

      unicorny 3 years ago

      I found this extremely helpful while grooming my baby girl. I use the same brands, and couldn't agree more! Never heard of reusing the glitter from the hair for the hooves! Incredible!! Thanks guys!!