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How To Set up Strong Foundation For Your Kids

Updated on December 2, 2013

Kids Education in this Modern Competitive World

After the birth of a baby, parents start to think about their children future and how to make it bright. Few thoughts like "How am I going to make my child top in everything..?", "Will my child become an Engineer or Doctor or Lawyer?" and so on.

As said by W.Clement Stone, 'Always aim for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars'

Parents usually set high expectation about their children's education. It's not wrong. This is the common mentality of every parent. Think higher about your child's future and guide them with your affection, then one day your kid will surely become a shining super star.


Setting up a strong Basement for your Kid's Future

Setting up a strong basement to your child is very important. This is the one which is going to decide how and where you child will be placed in future. Basement should never be weak. Then it might fall down at later stage of life, thereafter making it to stand straight is tough.

As per the famous saying, if we cannot mend at the age of 5, then it is impossible to mend at the age of 50.

To be very open, a child's future is in his parent's hand only. Babies start to learn and grasp things in womb itself. So once a lady gets conceived take care of her as a kid. Make her look at good things, speak good to her and do good to her and make her feel better and happy.

Also in that stage, make her to read some knowledgeable information. Make her solve puzzles and play some mind games. This in turn will make the baby in her womb to get those amazing functions of brain. This is the very true fact.

If the lady just sits idle during her pregnancy time, then the baby too will get that character absorbed.

So, I suggest to every parent that the behaviour, mind-set and character of your child, depends on how good you are giving the base to them.

Once the basement is set and nurtured well. Now it's time to deal with the foundation of your kid. How it should be done better...! Keep reading Parents...


Setting up a strong Foundation for your Kid

Building the foundation is both the parent's and the child's responsibility. Parents should initiate in the building of good foundation to their children. Then with your support and guidance the child will build his own foundation strong and it will soon grow up into a big building.

Involvement and motivation of parents in their children's education, life and career is the main reason for the success of their child.

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Mom's affection to Child - A miracle dose

Nowadays, both parents are going for job. They are so busy, that they don't have enough time to spend with their beloved kid. Years back it is rare to see a baby care centre. Nowadays every nook and corner has baby care centre.

Before going to job, parents used to give their kids to baby care persons and someone over there used to take care of their kids till they are back from work.

If you have no other choice other than putting your child in baby care, it's fine. But try to spare at least 2 hours a day for your child at home. 2 hours is really less for your kid, as they deserve more than that. But, at least 2 hours my dear parents. Try to know about them, play with them, comfort them and soothe their pain.

Mom's affection is a priceless gift to a child. Do not make your child to miss it. Anyone can take care of your child, but it can be nowhere compared with mum's and dad's affection.


How Parents should guide their Children

Below points gives parents an idea on what you should do and what you should not do for your child's future:

  • Parents should be very clear of his child's plus and minus.
  • If they are doing well in their plus sides, do not just leave it aside, thinking that they are performing well in that part. Instead encourage them on what they are doing and tell them that they are doing well and make them feel that you are proud of them. Encouragement and motivation when he does things well is the main factor to make him perform even much better.
  • If they do any little things and look at you to hear your response, though it might be silly, appreciate it, as it is a big deal for those little hearts.
  • When they do not perform well, do not de-motivate them. Support them and put your effort to turn their negatives into positive. It is parent's duty to shape your child's path in a proper way.
  • When your kid's do their homework, be with them and monitor their work.
  • Maintain open communication between your child and yourself.
  • Attend Parent - Teachers meeting to get to know a lot more about your child.
  • Try to spend time with them as much as you can.


Quiz related to how to handle a Kid..

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Never Show Violence To Kids

Kids have very tender heart. They will love to hear you and be with you, only if you handle them softly with passion. Nothing in this world will bend whole heartedly for rudeness. Handle things softly with love, then things will surely turn in favour of you.

Similarly, while advising or educating to kids, be polite to them. Tell them things softly with affection. People think that few kids won't listen if we speak softly, so they tend to be harsh towards them. At that moment, the result might turn in favour to them and the kids will do what they have been told. But deep inside their heart they started developing hatred towards that particular thing and towards that particular person.

So, violence and harshness is not the way to advise or educate that little heart.

Also, the environment where the child grows matters a lot, for its character change. It will easy grasp things and tend to stick to that environment. So, the family environment for that kid should be good and peaceful with lots of joy. If parents show violence towards each other in front of the kid, it affects that little bee a lot.

Everything that a child possesses is based on how it is been grown. Parents should guide their kids towards the right path, to give them the right future.

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Lack of Parental Involvement - Effects

Your children heart is soft and delicate, with lots of small expectations within them. It welcomes little hugs from their parents, a gentle touch and a soft and caring kiss.

If your child starts missing your affection, then that itself leads him down in his studies, his career and ultimately he will fall down in his life. So give your child your affection and love. Caring cost nothing, but its outcome is immeasurable.


Final words before bidding Goodbye

Children must be nurtured from womb till they become adults, to ensure that they got a strong moral foundation.

So Dear Parents, you are the sole responsibility for your child's success and failure.

Let your child's life shine bright with your love and support. Love you all. :)

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    • profile image

      Kyanna 3 years ago

      And I was just woiedrnng about that too!

    • profile image

      Emmly 3 years ago

      Wonderful extaanlpion of facts available here.

    • profile image

      Jacki 3 years ago

      I didn't know where to find this info then kaboom it was here.

    • profile image

      farrah 4 years ago

      I thought about the exact same thing like you.

    • SatendraSaini profile image

      Satendra Saini 4 years ago from India

      Very useful hub thanks for sharing it!

    • Edjanse profile image

      Ambiga Jeyaratnaraja 4 years ago from India

      Thank you Paul. You are exactly right. This is what every parents should do for the goodness of their children. Thanks for voting up.

    • Paul Kuehn profile image

      Paul Richard Kuehn 4 years ago from Udorn City, Thailand

      This is a very good hub which I find interesing and very useful for all parents. Children must be nurtured from the womb up until adulthood to ensure that they have a good intellectual and moral foundation. Voted up.