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How To Make The Earth Larger To Enable A Human Population To Grow To Over 15 Trillion People.

Updated on April 20, 2015

Mice are 3000 times smaller than humans. If humans were as small as mice we would instantly resize the planet. If humans were 3000 times smaller it would take 1/3000th of the land area we now need to grow all the plants and animals we need in agriculture. If our farm animals remained giants and we allowed a small population of full size humans to survive we would could fit an entire city inside one 100 story skyscraper. The relative size of a chicken remaining the same as it is today would make it larger than a dinosaur in-comparison to humans and that would lead to one huge chicken dinner from just one chicken. Of course we can down size all plants and animals buy why not keep giant corn growing to feed several people for one year with just one corn on the cob. When it comes to space travel nothing could be better than to reduce the size of humans to reduce the size of rockets or to rocket hole towns and living systems into space at minimal cost per capita. We could have larger humans build moon and mars bases that could accommodate thousands of the new smaller mice size humans and not burn away the whole atmosphere to get that much human payload into space.

Genetic modification may actually make it all possible. The question is if the human brain can be reduced in size and function in its present state and if we can retain our present life span or extend it as well. Tiny mice size humans effectively would make the earth around 3000 times larger. It would change some of our ways of dealing with the environment as surface tension of water might allow us to walk on water at a smaller size and it would make the ocean surf essentially tidal wave size. Our favorite pets would have to be reduced in size too so that our house cats would not attack us but then we would need house cats for mortal protection if mice survive at their present size. Clearing animals that menace would have to be reduced in size , eliminated or utilized as a resource. One 747 plane could carry 1 million or more tiny people with a tiny pilot at the controls and window sizes could be reduce.

A Sherman Oaks California Company called Anthro-Microdyne is already working on this project and it maybe possible to have your self remade in tiny size and have your memory and consciousness transferred. Larger humans will probably have to converted to zombies controlled by computers to build our larger structures and do our farming but they will just be shells where the brains were transferred to mice size people. Tiny people with giant hard working slaves solves a lot of problems.

Imagine a trip to the Grand Canyon when you are mice sized. It would seem 3000 ft deeper and larger and a trip to the redwood forests would make those trees absolutely astonishing and of course being that small would enable real huge tree houses in the larger trees. One single tree could produce all the paper and wood a small town would need for ten years. Hippy mice size people could go camping making tents out of maple leaves.

The problem remains that mice size people maybe too small for creatures with our brain power and we might have to increase the size to 15-30 lbs to enable the same brain structure. We know that is possible because babies have full size functioning human brains though undeveloped. Another problem is people who refuse to down size who might want to be imperial. Something like a 3000 times human size Hillary Clinton which would be a very scary prospect. We would need to have a constitutional amendment that only small size people can become government officials and that may also have to be true of bureaucrats. If we can get 3000 times the use of one barrel of oil we can actually get a lot more resources from less and wind and solar energy might actually work for small creature humans.


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