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How To Speak Japanese For Kids: Make It Easy

Updated on August 9, 2010

How To Speak Japanese For Kids: Make It Easy

If you’re trying to teach your kids Japanese you want to make it as easy as possible. Kids are like little sponges eager to take in all the information you give them, but if you aren’t teaching them in the right way it may just be too much for them to handle. It will open up a new world for them, present them with so many more opportunities. When it comes to learning how to speak Japanese for kids, there are a few tips that will really come in handy.

The best way to get started is by buying some books that you can use as workbooks, to keep track of the child’s progress as they go. This is going to give them a place to do their work but also keep them motivated by showing them how well they are doing as they keep learning. You can begin by showing them how to draw the basic Japanese characters and then have them trace over top. There are also language learning CDs that could be really helpful for this.

Children tend to respond well to oral information which is why these learning CDs are usually so effective. Children tend to respond well to oral information, and this is a great way to keep them learning when they are sitting at the table coloring or eating a meal. There are lots of ways to make learning fun and keep the kids interested. Scrabble is a game that most families have and you can play a few rounds of this, only use Japanese words to play instead of English.

Practice your child’s skills so far by taking him out to a casual sushi restaurant and have them try ordering the meal completely in Japanese. They are going to think this is a lot of fun and then they get a yummy meal to eat too. The Little Pim learning program is one of the most popular. Little Pim is one of the most popular versions, featuring a cute little panda bear that helps lead children through the process of learning a new language.

Most kids really enjoy watching cartoons and half the time they won’t even realize that they are learning too. There are different songs you can listen to on the DVDs and the option to complete beginner to advanced lessons. Make sure that you show you are just as interested in them and take this advantage to bond with your child. Teaching them a new language will let them meet new friends and they are going to be so glad that they did.


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      Julia of Little Pim 7 years ago

      Hello! Thank you for mentioning Little Pim in this wonderful article! I'm Julia Pimsleur, the mom behind and founder of, Little Pim. Our Japanese language DVDs for young children are one of our most popular series. Good luck on your language learning journey. Please let me know if you'd talk more.