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How To Study For Exams

Updated on October 22, 2011

The most crucial time in students’ life is exam time. No matter you are in primary grade, secondary, higher secondary, undergrad, graduation or doing post graduations, exams are something that needs your extra attention towards your studies. In this article we would discuss to make activity of learning and gaining knowledge from books for the formal written tests. YES! We would talk on how to study for exams.

Eat Well And Sleep Well

That’s the very first and foremost thing to do. Due to stress and anxiety of exams, most of the students stays late in night and get up early in morning and escape their breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Waking up late in night and escaping meals are not going to help in any way, but the disadvantage is that it will cause tiredness and stress. Eat properly and sleep for about 6 to 7 hours day. It would help your mind to stay fresh and absorb more. Do not study when you’re feeling hungry or tired, by doing so you would only waste your time and energy.

Manage A Timetable

Manage your timetable according to your body; do study in that part of day when you can more effectively and more quickly. Give an appropriate time to games and physical activities as well. Manage some time for eating and sleeping. Proper diet and good sleep also helps brain in getting things more quickly. Studying all round o clocks would not help you in scoring good grade but it will cause body and head ache.

Manage Some Quality Time

To score better in exams you need some quality time to study, not quantity of time for cramming all chapters from all the subjects. We all know at beginning of year that we have to give exams of all we are studying at the end of the year. So get prepared yourself from the start of year. Managing time from the start would help you to stay stress free and have a good night sleep a night before exam.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Make an analysis yourself and decide where you can learn best and study with more concentration; some students find groups study where as other prefer to study alone, few study with some slow light back ground music while many give preference to complete silence. Decide it by your own self how you feel most comfortable. In this way you can learn and get more in less time.  

Be Present In Class Mentally

If you’re in class, be there mentally as well. Concentrate on lectures and take proper notes. Notes taken in class helps a lot in preparing for exams, because most of the times teachers give some extra knowledge about the topic which is not present in your text books. If you’re not attentive to your teacher’s words, then being in class physically would not help you in exam at all.

Take Notes

Make it your habit to take notes of every subject. Maintain an extra notebook, take notes of the topic everyday are taught in class, especially of those topics which are to be expected to appear in exams.  

Group study can also be a good way to clear doubts.
Group study can also be a good way to clear doubts.

Ask It, If You’re Not Getting It

If you’re not getting anything, you do not understand any topic, any concept that your mind is not absorbing, ask somebody about it. Get helped from your friends, teachers, professor or teaching assistant. Do not feel shy or self-effacing; your teachers are there to help you out. Going through a topic again and again would not help in this.

Rewrite Your Notes

When studying for exams, do rewrite your notes. Rewriting would help your more than just going through your notes again and again. Do outline your course one more time and make scribble notes from your own notes. It is more effective way of learning in a productive manner.

Highlighting makes it easy to have quick review.
Highlighting makes it easy to have quick review.

Make Flash Cards

Making flash cards for important definitions, theories and dates would help more. You can have it look on whenever you’re revising your notes. It will save time of going through from the all pages book again and again.

Little Things To Do

  • Tag or bookmark each and every important topic of the course.
  • Books mark all those websites you used to make notes and for references.
  • Make you computer folder and your desk personalized. So you where your things are and can reach everything easily.

Some Useful Tips To Prepare For Exams


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