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How To Study Korean with the Ewha Korean book

Updated on August 20, 2014

Having recently decided to learn the Korean language, I have bought the Ewha Korean level 1 textbooks. I have always loved the thought of learning a new language. I just did not get around to sitting down and actually doing the work. Yes, it's work, I realized. How will I ever achieve my language fluency goals if I do not devout the time and energy to do so? So here we are, at the beginning stage of my journey. I hope to inspire myself and others along the way. Aja! These are my thoughts of the book.

The Ewha Korean textbook is published by the Ewha Language Center at Ewha Woman’s University. The latest edition of the book was released in 2010.

Back in 1998, the EWU first published a domestically made Korean language textbook called “Pathfinder in Korean”. The latest book took two years to develop after being granted funding by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology’s program to provide support for Korean language training.


Ewha Korean 2010 Edition covers the four language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing with related content throughout all levels. It also has a “Try It” section in each chapter which is designed with an emphasis on the speaking ability without memorization.

The book’s authors aim to create a comprehensive Korean language textbook where one learns and teaches Korean in a both fun and effective way.


The book has 6 levels: Levels 1 to 3 consists of two books each, and in levels 1 and 2 the instructions and explanations are given in English, Japanese or Chinese.

Inside the Book

*Each book has a table of contents where the specific topics being covered are introduced.

The first book in the series will include one unit solely for Hangeul.

Then moving forward, each unit or chapter is divided into four parts. Parts 1, 2, 3, and “Culture and Literature”.

Part 1 consists of preparation and gives practice in 2-3 grammar points and vocabulary.
Part 2 focuses on speaking and includes speaking tasks.

  • Grammar points are given in simple questions that prompt students to think about grammar usage and meaning.
  • Grammar application are then shown through pictures and examples.
  • Each important grammar point is then presented in a thought bubble and simply explained in diagram form with examples.
  • Pictures and audio recordings are also available for keywords used in each unit.

*For the speaking tasks, the content, situation and rols of the speakers are explained with pictures.

The students make conversation in the speech balloons following key instructions without relying on memorization.

Part 3 consists of the listening and reading & writing sections.

  • Short sample listening dialogues are given, which allows students to have an idea of what to expect and check vocabulary and expressions.
  • Questions are then presented to test students’ understanding.
  • The reading and writing exercise gives students information related to the reading task and helps check vocabulary and key expressions.
  • This exercise links reading with writing. Students practice writing a passage similar to the one they have just read.

*The "Culture and Literature" part introduces students to one aspect of Korean culture and one example of Korean Literature.

The pieces of literature is also available in the CD. Students are then asked to express own thoughts or feelings on the literary work, or think and prompts comparison with their own cultures.

*Each unit is divided into relevant topics like School Life, introductions, hobbies, home, family, daily schedule, etc where each grammar and vocabulary lessons

For example, in the unit on Introductions, almost anything one would need to know to be able to introduce oneself is covered from address, name, phone number, work/occupation etc.
For example, in the unit on Introductions, almost anything one would need to know to be able to introduce oneself is covered from address, name, phone number, work/occupation etc.

More Features and Pros

there's not a single con to me ^^

  • The books features a rotating list of main characters. It is this same comic characters that are used in the sample dialogues and situations in each unit. One would even be so familiarized with them, an it seems you'll know what they're doing or what you'll be doing and saying when you're in their situation.

  • These are listening scripts and answers in each book plus an index!

  • Each audio track is also clearly marked by O logo in each lesson.

  • Culture & Literature texts are relevant and not biased/heavily propagandized. In fact, I find them (culture texts) interesting and helpful. They're something I'd want to know about. Lit texts are also fun and intriguing. It makes me want to learn more fast so that I could read them all.

Final Words

The Ewha Korean book can definitely haunt your conscience enough if you leave it untouched and unstudied. But anyway, books and language tools are useless if you don’t use and study them.

If you do not have the funds to purchase the book, you can always find and think of other ways to learn. The internet is a vast and helpful place if you just know where to look. Learning a new language can be more fun when one has to find other more creative and ingenious ways of achieving ones fluency goal!

© 2014 kpop-unnie

Are you learning Korean? What do you think of the book?

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