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How To Use Adsense Keywords to make money

Updated on June 16, 2009

Common Mistakes

There is a lot of misconceptions when just starting out with the free program by Google called Adsense. There is a way to make some good money with Adsense but you will need to learn what you are doing before just jumping into it like most do and end up not making anything except for just a few cents a day. You always need to keep in mind that in order to make some money you will need to spend a little money. Nothing in life is free. If you want to just make a little money then you wont have to invest anything. You will just have to be satisfied with what you get.

I have a friend of mine who in one month brought in close to 9 thousand dollars by using Google. The secret to his success was to order one of the keyword list that you can have emailed to you every day, with this list he goes to a website hoster and purchases a domain. He then starts his own website with the most used keywords from that day that will make the most money using the keywords. For example lets say the phrase Car Insurance is worth 9.98 cents. (This is just a low Ball Figure cause in most cases it is a more common used phrase and is worth quite a bit) He then will go to his site and use wordpress and use the programs to automate the site to chane the articles everyday so that it has new information each day and he will do this over and over and over again everyday. Purchasing about 10 sites a day with a domain purchase price of around 2 dollars per site address he is spending $20 dollars a day but gaining around $800 a day back in profits from the Adsense program.

You will need to know what the most common keywords are and what they are worth and how many searches are done a day on those words or phrases in order to be successful with what you are trying to achieve. There are some sites that will offer a free keywords list and will be somewhat current but you wont achieve the same goal as if you were to pay around $20 for the keywords list everyday to your email box. This will at least guarentee that you will get the most current and up to date information available.

It is a little harder to join the adsense program as it has become a most saught after program. Alot of website hosters are using this program to make money. There is a way to make some money using the free websites but you will have to create a ton of free sites and will have to update it everyday your self and have to drive your own traffic to the website yourself. You can also register for several accounts thru myspace and facebook to send out numerous emails with information to people who have common interests in what you are marketing on your site, to drive traffic to the site. Now that everyone is using twitter it is a little more easier to drive traffic to your site also, With twitter taking off and being the new myspace more and more people are using the site to promote their own sites and products and news that its more possible to make money without having to invest a whole lot of time.

Keywords List:

Here you will find a list of websites that I have found that have access to free keywords list. Check them out and compare them. I hope these will help you out.  (Great Site- Alphabetical Lists)  (Top 100 Lists for CPC)  (Keyword list over $13.00 CPC) (Real nice site)

I hope this is enough to at least get you started. I hope you found this hub to be useful and will recommend me to others. Thanks for reading.

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