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How To Use Animals Like Zebras To Teach Bible Lessons

Updated on August 22, 2013

Animals Are Great Teachers

There are a lot of things we can learn about our Christian walk from animals! These creatures can serve as valuable object lessons for the teacher, if they know their stuff!

Since not very many kid-min teachers (or people in general) like to dig through zoology text books, here are three of the animal object lessons I've used in my class!

The Lure
The Lure
Hunting Turtle
Hunting Turtle

1. Alligator Snapping Turtles

Yeahp! These ugly guys are great for teaching kids about the dangers of sin!

They have a lure at the end of their tongue that looks like a worm. When their hunting, they sit at the bottom of the pond and hold their mouth open. To a hungry fish swimming by, that lure looks very appetizing. To lure fish in faster, the turtle will twitch it's tongue - making the worm "dance". It's no surprise what's going to happen next, right?

That's a very boring illustration though - if you just give them the facts! It's all about presentation!

I start with a picture of the "worm" - explaining that it would be an easy meal for a fish swimming by

Then I move to a picture of the turtle holding its mouth open, saying, "Man, any fish swimming by can snatch this worm out of its log!" Of course, they realize that it's not a log!

Then I cut to a picture of a turtle with the fish in its mouth - chomp!

The point is; sin may look fun at first - like this lure looked tasty! - but it's a trap!

Notice How They Blend Together!

Blending Together

2. Zebras

Zebras are great for teaching kids about staying in church!

Did you know that a zebra's stripes actually work as camouflage? They sure do! Look at a herd of zebras walking by and try to find where one zebra ends and another starts! Zebra stripes camouflage it in the herd! To a hungry hyena or lion - a zebra herd looks like one big animal! That's why they try to break up the herd first!

Sadly, those stripes that blend it into its herd so well also make it stand out when it's alone!

Like zebras, Christians need to stay together! To the "lion" - we look bigger when we're together. In fact, as the body of Christ, we look a lot bigger!

But that "lion" still hates us though! And if we start wandering out by ourselves, our stripes are going to make us into a tempting target!

The Kudu

3. The Greater Kudu

This is an animal worth mentioning in class - just for the name!

It's a giant antelope that lives in Africa. It's usually faster than the predators that share its home, so it usually doesn't have a problem getting away. Once it escapes a lion or hyena attack, it will generally stop and look back at its attackers. No one really knows why; maybe it's just curious about what almost ate it!

Usually it can look back without any consequences - until recently, that is. When it's attacker is a hunter with a rifle, this habit is deadly!

I use the kudu to teach about running hard after Jesus! Don't ever stop to look back at your old life!


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    • donnaisabella profile image

      Donaisabella 6 years ago from Fort Myers

      Wonderful lessons, even adults would learn from this too. I hope you do not mind but I am sharing this with my friends on facebook! Good job.