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How You Can Destroy Your Country with Democracy!

Updated on November 29, 2009

From time to time, many of you have probably wondered how you can destroy your country with democracy. You may work in an office, or a factory. You may even be a simple homemaker. But rest assured, there are ways you can destroy your country... without giving up the life you currently lead. In fact, all you'll really have to do is to refine your current lifestyle. Our leaders have put together a plan, a scenario, that will allow you to destroy your country while living more prosperously than you ever have before. In fact, you may find this plan is the only way you can live prosperously! I'm here, along with your politicians and media, to introduce you to this plan, to show you how it works, and to acquaint you with how to work with it as a "team player" to finally get ahead in life... while destroying your life, and your country.

Leave leadership to the leaders!

Sometimes people make things out to be tougher than they have to be. It's hard to believe, but some Americans still hold fast to the antiquated notion that politicians are elected to represent the will of the People - and that it is their duty to make sure that those politicians do their jobs right. Of course, this silly old idea doesn't stand up to rational thought. Our leaders run things, tell the American people what to do, and take care of us - just like a kindly old grandparent and, sometimes, a stern father. When there's a problem, our leaders will sort it out, never you trouble yourself over it.

After all, that's what a democracy's all about! How many times have you heard people on your picture tube at home talk about democracy? About, "defending democracy", "spreading democracy", and, of course, "making the world safe for democracy"? That's their job, and it sure is a big one! That's why we pay them so well to do it, after all. So set aside anything you may have picked up, say, in school about America actually being a republic. Say, from the Pledge of Allegiance. Our leaders have saved us from all of that.

In a Republic, everyone has certain rights that are considered sacred and inviolate, and they elect representatives to make sure those rights are safeguarded at all times - that is their duty to the people. Citizens have to keep a watchful eye on their politicians all the time, to keep them in check. But everything becomes much easier in a Democracy. In a Democracy, whoever and whatever gets the most votes, goes. No rights are sacred, and everything is up for grabs. In our case, our leaders will write new legislation, and tell us on our picture tubes and in our newspapers what to do, and that goes. Because everything's negotiable, Democracy is obviously far better than a boring old Republic - it makes free citizens even freer!

Rewarding success

Once in a while, you may hear some gloomy gus complaining that the American economy isn't doing too well. Why, nothing could be further from the truth! I'll let you in on a little secret - there's plenty of money! What that poor sap doesn't know is that for every half a cent he gets, someone in the top 1% of the American population gets $38! This is how America rewards success. Those sharp go-getters are the ones you should keep your eye on - they're smarter than the average bear, and you'll want to take your cues from them. After all, a fella with more money and power than you has gotta be doing something right.

What are these motivated Americans doing that puts them ahead of the curve? Standardization and consolidation of corporations - under the care and guidance of our leaders! Yes, whether it's the media or consumer products, successful corporations are not only consolidating, but also interlocking together to form groups that are far greater than the sum of their parts. This not only allows them to increase their profit margins to reward the success of those who run them, it also allows them to get first crack at no-bid government contracts and subsidies. And any successful businessman knows that free money is a terrific advantage in a competetive business environment - a company that doesn't use every advantage it can get, quickly falls to one that does. This government money is a real shot in the arm for any business - provided it promotes the thoughtful plans of our leaders. This wonderful new system of organization allows us to take otherwise small businesses and band them together like links in a chain of command, and allows the agendas of successful people in our community to make their way into our culture in everything from books, to newspapers, to radio, to film, to prime-time television and even your nightly news! Does it work? Of course it does! Why, we certainly haven't heard any complaints so far.

Manifest destiny

Decades of rewarding successful Americans increasingly, economizing by using more economical labor overseas, and importing most of what Americans purchase, has made the ordinary way of life difficult for the average American. But don't worry, you won't have to harvest your neighbors' organs to survive. At least not yet! Our leaders have come up with a plan that will save our country - if we all pull together as a team!

You see, the problem isn't the fault of our wise leaders, or that too few people have most of the money, or that the system doesn't work. Only someone unpatriotic could even think that! No, the problem is that there are too many people - and not enough resources to go around! There are two approaches to this problem, and your leaders are hard at work on both of them! In fact, if you look closely at the messages our leaders send us through the news and our entertainment media, you can see these agendas starting to come together.

The first is to acquire more resources, whether it's by rejecting environmental initiatives like the international Kyoto Protocol and busily mining and logging away, or by going to war overseas and establishing friendly pet governments in weaker, more resource-rich countries.

The second approach is domestic, and corresponds to what successful businessmen term "reducing headcount". While sometimes this means reducing the budget for government benefits and health care, the next stage of our project means exactly what it sounds like - getting rid of people who aren't as useful to the system as a whole, as defined by our leaders.

Obviously, we can't get rid of everyone - those factories won't run themselves! - so the plan is to get rid of the least useful, least loyal among us... those who aren't an asset to "the team". Our leaders have been doing this for decades, devising, controlling, and managing public policy through the use of government subsidies and legislation to marginalize and segregate minority groups. But over the last few decades our leaders have been turning up the heat on this, with the media there to keep us all in lock-step. Increasing slander, prejudice and attack of any public figure who speaks against the status quo sends Americans a clear message of how they should behave, even when it isn't said in so many words.

When there's a problem, our leaders are showing us how to pick the person or group that is the least aligned with the agenda of our leaders, and to attack them as a group. Whether they're a competing political candidate, Mexican-Americans who are stealing our jobs (notice how the allegation seems to condense out of mid-air, and we're never prompted to direct our attention to the leaders of corporations), Muslims or possible Muslims, the unemployed and the homeless, or the clichéd depictions of black and gay minority groups in the media. 9/11 couldn't have been a better boon to our country's new direction, because not only is terrorism an excellent and unprecedanted new reason to use unprecedanted new powers here at home, separating a terrorist from a potential terrorist from an uncooperative citizen can be a very difficult and time-consuming task! The increase in police, military and surveillance jobs for those working in the government sector will be a tremendous boom to our economy - and those jobs will pay off in the long run, as more Americans march to the drumbeat of our leaders plan. Even enemies of the state will have their place in our leaders' great plan - their lives and their property will be forfeit to the benefit of all, which will more than make up for the greater number of government paychecks. Our leaders certainly plan long-term, as those naysayers who thought America didn't have a prayer or a plan after the economic decline of the 1990s will soon come to learn!

Anyone can be a terrorist! It's easy! On a national level, your politicians and media will tell you who is a terrorist. It will start small, and build up as needed - one group or personality after another, after another! At your local level, anyone can be a terrorist, provided they are in opposition to the plan that will save our country! Or perhaps, not cheering quite as loudly for our mutual success as everybody else - so be sure to have your flag pin on and showing whenever you go out!

"But what about our politicians? What if they're the problem?"

Don't be silly! Our leaders couldn't have gotten to the successful, established positions they're at today without having been dedicated, dilligent, patriotic Americans! This is what our elections are designed to ensure - that nobody can get elected to office without thorough, impartial scrutiny by our consolidated media corporations on behalf of our leaders! By the time someone is elected, it must be obvious to even the dullest simpleton that they're pro-America! And anyone who attacks that reputation is a threat to the well-being of this country, and is likely to be a terrorist! If someone you know is a potential terrorist, don't handle the situation yourself - notify the proper authorities, who will conduct thorough warrantless wiretapping, no-knock warrants, and potentially indefinite detainment of the suspect! You'll be doing your part for your country, and there may even be a reward in it for you, for leading to their apprehension and arrest!

By the same reasoning, our news media is also above criticism. Our news media is there, in the hands of the five corporations that serve our new direction, to disseminate information and keep us all in step with our leaders' wise and careful planning. When you watch the news, you can rest assured that what you're seeing is part of our new direction - why, even the BBC News is vetted when shown in America now - and that anything you shouldn't be worrying yourself with has been excised. This is perhaps no better demonstrated than at Fox News, where guests who stray too far from the message the network is trying to convey to us frequently have their microphone feed cut, and are thrown off the property - sometimes with threats of violence. You can be sure that whatever goes on in front of the cameras, what goes on behind the scenes is at least as forceful - if not more so! After all, we can't have dissent gumming up the works - it's patently un-American... in the New America!

This of course means that you can safely take your cues from the media, as well as politicians. And given this two-approach plan, with wars abroad combined with increasing witch hunts at home, our leaders take the concept to a whole new level, blending the two. For example, here are some buzzwords and concepts repeated over and over by the media during the start of the Iraq war. How many of them could just as easily be applied as thinly-veiled metaphors for this domestic agenda?

  • In Iraq: "Dual use facilities" and house-to-house searches for contraband
  • In America: Huge furorè over warrentless wiretapping and no-knock warrants.

Other interesting phrases were used in reporting on the Iraq war, including the concept that Bush had no "exit strategy" for the war (at about the time a lot of coverage was given to tightening security on the borders between the borders to both Mexico and Canada), "repurposed vehicles" being used in Iraq, and, in the search for WMD's, whether inspectors had yet found a "smoking gun" - which of course they never did - and neither has the New American agenda yet sparked off an armed domestic revolution in response. Perhaps most tellingly was the use of the phrase "embedded reporters", travelling through Iraq riding with U.S. soldiers. The 9/11 strike created the pretext for war in the Middle East, and the war in Middle East countries creates military and journalist activities to co-ordinate the domestic developments for our leader's vision for the New America. So, you can rest assured that you can take your cues from our politicians and the media in bringing about this New America.

Quelling Dissent

Once you have begun taking your cues from the media, you can learn a lot from the mainstream news' - particularly FOX News' - successful approach to quelling dissent. First and foremost is to never generate controversy yourself! If nobody's complaining, you are free to proceed! If, however, some poor sap criticizes some aspect this New America, you can either muddy the argument and attempt to shoot it down, or else you can counterattack, lambasting them with whatever you can think of.

If neither of these work, or are an option available to you, the rule of thumb is to complain right along with them - but take no action on it! Complain, complain until you're blue in the face, until they're sick and tired of hearing it - but never attempt to resolve the situation. In this way, you can retain credibility while still proceeding forward with the New American agenda. When in doubt, take your cues from the mainstream news and entertainment media! They'll surely show you how to proceed, and can better organize a response that many others will join you in following. If you get stuck, keep in mind this handy rule of thumb: on the news, "conservative" and "Republican" usually refers to New Americans, and "liberal" and "Democrat" usually refers to followers of the old regime and anything that seems to oppose New America and our leader's plan. (And sometimes, the emphasis there is on "seems"... our leaders are certainly good at this!)

Your mainstream media is great for consistently reminding you to "straighten up and fly right"!
Your mainstream media is great for consistently reminding you to "straighten up and fly right"!

The Media will help you!

Why, the media is helping you already! Not only are our leaders putting in place effective, systematic strategies for minimizing problems without inciting widespread panic and general alarm, but your entertainment media are doing their part as well. Hollywood systematically releases movies designed to increase an attitude of fear, suspicion and submission in the New America, primetime shows reinforce mainstream values and mindsets as well as often focus on the themes of elaborate measures to catch criminals, of fear, and of oppression, and both regularly focus on shallow issues toward the lower end of the IQ scale. This keeps public discourse manageable, makes intellectuals feel isolated and abnormal, and can help you compete against your neighbors in the increasingly competitive commercial and sociopolitical world just outside your door.

Your Youth Processing Facilities will help you!

In the New America, schools have been repurposed to serve the new agenda. The primary job of public schools in the New America isn't to educate, it's to prepare the majority of young citizens for the new way of life. Bells, ceremonies, authority figures, regimented scheduling, popularity contests among their peer group, mandatory dictates meted out apparently arbitrarily, and of course question/answer stimulus/response psychology. As some of you may have noticed, increased class sizes means there's less time for mentorship and critical thought, while budget cuts and increasing standards handed down from our leaders now require teachers to "teach to the test", so that a student's success hinges on their ability to absorb quantities of statements without critical thought, and respond with those statements quickly when prompted. Students that don't learn to do this - and don't learn to live within a rigid authoritarian structure - soon find themselves high-school dropouts, flipping burgers at a minimum wage while their real wages steadily erode compared to the rest of society. Get it? It's time to get with the program, kids!

Schools will help implement this facet of New America because they must, in order to secure the federal subsidies they need to get by, and this makes it easy for our leaders to shape public policy through our schools. Why are schools dependant upon federal subsidies, when local taxes provide for them? Because citizens can't afford local taxes that would do the job completely - they're not successful enough, and they're giving a third of their money to the federal government in taxes, which it then doles out wisely to shape public policy like this. Do you see now? You give your money to our leaders, who give some of it back on the condition that you co-operate in the New America. This way, we can be sure to have plenty of support across the country in building the New America.

Of course, if you're a more successful citizen you can always send your children to a private school! Private schools are how better citizens do better! They'll be less dangerous, slightly less regimented, they'll teach your children slightly more critical-thinking skills - along with enough presuppositions and erroneous presumptions to keep them from doing any real damage with them - and when combined with a college degree, enough job skills to be on the path to a steady ongoing career - provided they can find a job opening! Yes, they'll still have to be networked with people "plugged in" to jobs in the New America, and stay on good terms with them - so nothing too outlandish. And if you want a job in the New America, don't post anything too outlandish on your MySpace or other blog - in fact, don't do anything objectionable anywhere, ever! It's just simpler that way, and we're making sure that's increasingly the case. By doing this, your ability to secure a job in the New America isn't guaranteed, but the liklihood is increased... provided your more successful employer hasn't shipped those jobs overseas by the time you go to get them! Rest assured, there'll always be a way that you can increase your likihood of surviving in the New America, no matter how fierce the competition for jobs gets... as long as you learn to play the game. That means that as competition gets more fierce, you learn to adopt more of the agendas of the New America as new hoops are added to whatever you're trying to do. Remember, when times are tough, don't blame your government! Just join the winning side, and times will get tougher for everyone... but you! Play your cards right to serve the agenda of the New America, "just follow orders", and you could be the last one "voted off the island"!

Prosperity at all costs!

As you can see, the problem isn't that the economy isn't doing well - it's that you're not doing what it takes to stay competitive in the New American economy! Whether it's politically or economically, painting yourself into a corner is never a problem... if you've got a sledgehammer and you're willing to knock out a couple of walls! To make sure you stay "in" with the "in" crowd, and to make sure you're not targetted as an enemy of the state, you just have to learn to "play the game" of New America! That means jumping through the hoops as they're added, and they're added as the situation becomes more competitive! One of these hoops is conspicuous consumption - even if you're not doing too well in the new economy, if you buy the right clothes, the right car (preferably a gas-guzzling SUV), and follow all the latest trends, you'll appear successful to others, you'll show that you're "playing the game", and playing it as a team player in the New America!

Nowhere is this new concept of New America better presented than in our leader's response to the terrorist attack of 9/11. On September 20, 2001 in his famous "go shopping or the terrorists win" speech at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, Bush said, "Get on board. Do your business around the country. Fly and enjoy America's great destination spots. Get down to Disney World in Florida. Take your families and enjoy life, the way we want it to be enjoyed."

...and we're sure he knows what he's talking about!

In tough economic times, nothing good comes about without effort! In an increasingly harsh economic climate, you've got to look successful - and conform - to avoid being torn apart by everyone else! In Nazi Germany, even when citizens didn't have much they would make sure they looked good! Black boots shined to a gleam, uniforms pressed and creased, women staying domestic and buying lots of new clothes - real Barbie dolls and G.I. Joes! Anything less could be interpreted as a criticism of New America and its economy, and an indication that you're not "playing the game"... and the New America doesn't take kindly to people who threaten America! With an estimated 800 American concentration camps built and just waiting to fire up, this will only become more apparent as time goes on!

Increasing standards, skyrocketing rewards

As you can see, getting your piece of the pie is easy - as long as you're willing to do what it takes to take it from someone weaker than you! The problem isn't with our leaders, as long as we're willing to accept their agenda and behave as they do towards everyone we meet in our public and private lives. This can continue as long as there are groups of people to segregate, marginalize, isolate and destroy - we can learn to live high on the hog, just as our leaders do! As more people start getting with the program, that program will become even more competitive - and only those who've learned to work for New America in every aspect of their private lives will succeed. With warrantless wiretapping, classified surveillance, required conspicuous consumption and the ability for anyone to be labelled an enemy of the state and detained indefinitely, the standards of loyalty will be raised increasingly, and enforced increasingly. Now that you've seen the trend, you should be able to spot it everywhere in prevalent media and New American politics - you now have everything you need to stay competitive in competitive times!

We hope you've all enjoyed this sneak preview of the New America. Now, let's all go out to the lobby... and get ourselves some snacks!


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    • kephrira profile image


      10 years ago from Birmingham

      There are clearly not enough resources in the world to allow us to keep our level of wealth and allow the poorer countries to keep growing like they have been in recent years. That's why we needed to have a credit crunch to distract commentators from the runaway inflation that we had just before it. Maybe we should just start nuking poor countries now instead of waiting for a 'reason' (although the revolution we have managed to start in nuclear armed Pakistan might give us a convienient reason for a good bit of nuclear armagedon).

      I love all the pictures by the way - very funny.

    • profile image

      hotels malaysia 

      10 years ago

      worth to read...

    • Melissa G profile image

      Melissa G 

      11 years ago from Tempe, AZ

      Thanks for your response, Satori! As someone who is spiritually and metaphysically inclined, I checked out your Celestial Magik hub and I absolutely love it! It's a work of pure genius and I'll need to read it again, more carefully and comment on it.

      In response to your views on participation and change, I'm inclined to agree with you, yet I also believe there is too much at stake for people to let politicians, greed, and Fox news destroy all forms of democracy. Many people don't act because they don't know what to do, or they're scared of the possible repercussions (such as organized stalking, losing civil liberties, or getting thrown in jail for tax evasion).

      Since I view reality as an extension of our collective consciousness, I do believe that many of the proponents you set forth in your celestial magik hub will play an integral role in getting us back on the evolutionary path to peaceful coexistence, wisdom, love, and prosperity. I'm not sure how this will all play out, but I believe that the next few years will bring about the massive shift in consciousness needed to save our civilization.

    • Satori profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago from California

      Thanks for your comment, Melissa. I don't believe that change will happen actually, at least not within the scope and context we're talking about. I think people will continue to follow politicians right into the abbatoir, we'll have martial law and a one world government under the banks, seemingly normal but every citizen kept in check by a totalitarian dictatorship that uses the kind of rampant surveillance we're seeing to take anyone right out of the economic loop without recourse if they act up, combined with organized stalking I've written about in another Hub, and encountered firsthand. I think they'll succeed, succeed to their own demise because totalitarianist systems always cost more to run than they produce. The whole premise is broken, because it seeks to turn society utterly on its head.

      I don't think we have enough citizens who will do anything more than whine and complain. Everyone hates it, but only a few will do anything about it - first it wasn't obvious enough to be believed, and now that people can easily see it they're convinced it's too late. Nowhere in-between, because all that really is is a way to find a comfortable excuse not to think about it and perpetuate the disaster.

      It's completely do-able, though. We're developing new technologies that will allow us to produce the things we need ourselves, and live off the grid (see below, under "Some of my latest work"). Others are researching the nature of the political and legal situation that legitimatizes patently unlawful behavior on the part of politicians and some of the media - on sites like and The problem, at least in a mechanistic sense, is as you say that the media won't print this kind of information or anything anywhere near it. But we have new technologies like HubPages and Digg, and getting the word out isn't a problem - it's getting many people motivated enough about it to participate, so that this information can get bumped up by popular demand and out there.

      New sites like PledgeBank are working to create change of any kind, on the basis of pledges whereby "I'll do _____ if X number of people do _____." - in other words, "I'll do it, but only if you'll help.". I'm using it myself, in an effort to get people reading about this kind of thing - see my pledge at

      When three more people sign it, the pledge will be displayed to people who go to pledgebank.

      People have successfully used sites like these to get a number of people actively relocating into small cities, banded together in a promise to learn the law, live by it, and not tolerate political corruption and lawlessness in their town.

      What we really need is to stop being reactive, and overturn a lot of this. What about a class-action lawsuit against Fox News, the primary mouthpiece for political propaganda and hatred in America? Journalism carries a special responsibility to report the news - it's not like a bakery or a florist's shop - and in the case of Fox, I suspect that we could nail 'em on treason under conspiracy laws like RICO, which trebles damage amounts. We could make Fox cost Rupert Murdoch so much in addition to getting Fox's corporate charter dissolved and its assets seized, that he'd take a real hit. Talk about sending a signal to America. By continuing to keep news reporting accountable, we'd doubtless find reporters were asking real questions rather than sucking up to politicians on-air. And by demonstrating our collective resolve to take care of this corruption, the justice system would realize that there's a change taking place and we wouldn't find the kind of apathetic rule in favor of the status quo that we occasionally find in the courtrooms.

      While we haven't heard the word "boycott" in the media in decades, we could very easily organize one against the government itself until it cleans up its act. No fuss, no muss, just millions of us refusing to pay it any income taxes until it shapes up. No violent activists for the media to term terrorists and police to round up - just a group of people peacably organizing and resisting in a way that works.

      If you're metaphysically and spiritually inclined, I recommend a magickal approach as well. Have a look at my Hub, "How to Save the World with Celestial Magick"

      But be aware that magick is Willworking, and Willworking is really just an applied Choice. Trying to fix the world using only magick, while tangibly funding and contributing to the problems out there, won't solve anything because the Choice is fragmented and in conflict with itself. A penny to charity and a dollar towards torture, that kind of thing.

      But we absolutely can do it - if we decide to. It's not too late, not yet.

    • Melissa G profile image

      Melissa G 

      11 years ago from Tempe, AZ

      Great hub! So... what do we do with this information? I agree with qlcoach about changing from within, but that requires people to understand that the system is currently broken, and how will they learn that while our schools and the media fall short of conveying practical wisdom and the truth about the way things are? In general, we're taught to see ourselves as powerless cogs in the system--especially with companies such as the one Pam works for, where you can't get too comfortable because you may be the next person on the chopping block, so don't take too long on your bathroom breaks because time is money and people are expendable.

      So a shift needs to occur, from the bottom up and from the inside out, yet with so many people struggling to make ends meet, and with so much hatred, ignorance, and confusion in the world, I can't wrap my mind around how this will happen.

    • Satori profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago from California

      I'm glad people are enjoying the Hub. Thanks for your wonderful comments!

      Chef Jeff, you're so right it's not even funny. What the U.S. and its media do anymore is hardly even plausibly recognizable as part of a lawful agenda within the republic that is the Union - it only makes sense in the context of totalitarianism (I noticed this reading the Wiki page for Totalitarianism, when it all clicked with a sense of finality). And just as the Nazis "won" (if that's what the world wants to call it) through deceit, trickery, and the inaction (through fear or otherwise) of the masses, that's why it's so important to tell the truth, get it out there, and do it early. Lots of Americans like to repeat to themselves the idea that if they do nothing, nothing will change. But it's an all-or-nothing proposition - if you're not supporting freedom actively in the way you life, you're going to get a system that's been made an unlivable totalitarianism by those with an agenda. I keep wanting to make this obvious to people and just go, "Hey. Pick one." And they are, by default - an unlivable totalitarianism.

      hot dorkage - Yep, the consclusions suck because what people are doing sucks. The act of seeing doesn't hurt us, it's what we've put out there to poke us in the eye that's hurting us. We go wedging stabby knitting needles in the doorjams, and then pretend that ignoring it is okay, and it's the act of looking that pokes us in the eye. What lemmings people can be.

      You know it's funny, if pgrundy hadn't published that Hub on her I wouldn't've known who Sarah Palin is. I don't watch the news - I already know the state of the nation, and live off the grid to avoid perpetuating it myself. I don't financially support the problems with my taxes - it's cost me whatever approximates "quality of life" in America, but that's not very much so it's worth it - and I put out information on this stuff to actively strive to problem-solve the situation. If everyone put one-tenth of the effort I do into sorting this thing out, it'd have been sorted out by now.

      I so love love love my it was created. People like to blame politicians for the corruption, but it really is a team effort. They couldn't've done it without people's continual complacency - because that's complicity. People have voted by default, and we may have already passed the point of no return into totalitarianism. It's not really very funny, but there's nothing more I can do as an individual, so I think there's some prerogative on my part to yuk it up since I'm not participating in the choice for it and can't change it by myself anyway. So how do you like your neighbors, people - rare or well-done?

    • hot dorkage profile image

      hot dorkage 

      11 years ago from Oregon, USA

      Wow this is an amazing hub. Specially liked the illustrations. But all this stuff is bringing me down. It isn't THINKING per se that hurts our collective American heads.... it's the conclusions we inevitably arrive at after doing so vigorously. Ow ow ow ow ow... Our great country ..... flush swirl swirl swirl....

      I gotta go watch Fox news slurp up to Sarah Palin, and see if she got new glasses. Maybe my brain won't hurt so much then.

    • Chef Jeff profile image

      Chef Jeff 

      11 years ago from Universe, Milky Way, Outer Arm, Sol, Earth, Western Hemisphere, North America, Illinois, Chicago.

      Asking FAUX News to tell the truth is like asking the wolf to help convict the fox.  Ain't gonna happen!

      I stil think it's funny that Fixed News says "Fair and Balanced" - words are cheap, actions counts, and baby, when it comes to fair and balanced, FOX News is SO far off the track it has to be either funny, or frightening.

      To think that FOX News actually uses plays out of the Nazi playbook of 1930-1945 is more than scary - it's downright intimidating!

      The Nazi's did not win Germany by teling the truth.  They did it by constantly repeating out and out lies until people began to question their own doubts about an issue. Then, as more of the lies sank in, these otherwise "God-fearing" and "upright citizens" people began changing their minds, believing the lies, until finally they became part of the lie.

      Yes, the people became part of the lie, because without those millions of converted Germans, Hitler would be nothing but an afterthought in our Western World History.  He made the lies, told the lies, repeated the lies, stamping out anyone who debated the lies, assassinated the character of people who stood against him, frightened the masses into a state of suspended mental animation, where they acted against their own consciences and actually began to hate whomsoever Hitler and his propaganda people told them to hate.

      "Queers, Jews, Slavs and Communists!" Joseph Goebbels said when asked who were the "enemies of the Reich."  To read more about this incredibly successful liar, here is a website to go to.  Compare his tactics to Karl Rove and others on the far Right and the similarities will becoome more than frightening.  And the worst part is that we think this can't happen here!  we are immune because we have a Democracy!

      Well, Germany was a Democracy and Hitler took advantage of the one weakness of Democracy, that being, leaders are elected by popular votes, and as soon as he achieved his victory, began to qucikly dissolve and disassemble all the workings of Democracy.

      Within less than a year he had pretty much shot to death any pretense of Democracy in Germany, and the rest, as they say, is history.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Nice work! You summed it up nicely, and accurately.

    • qlcoach profile image

      Gary Eby 

      11 years ago from Cave Junction, Oregon

      Wow. You did an amazing job with this hub! There is much that is wrong in America and in the world. But there are good people and wise leaders too. And change is always possible. I don't think politics is the answer. I do believe it is long overdue that we all start changing from within. Thanks for sharing your views. Please see how I try to help others in new ways. Sincerely: Gary Eby, author and therapist.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      LOL! I hope the bank doesn't hear about that! They do have a cafeteria in the basement--I could be 'promoted' instead of fired!

    • Satori profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago from California

      Thanks for your comments, people! What I really wanted to do was connect the dots here for most people, before the media and politicians finished connecting them and the picture of Hitler against Old Glory stood out plain as day. I realized that unless it's discussing the headlines or political candidates Americans have learned to think that discussing politics is boring and useless, and that I needed to mix it up a little bit, so I took it as an opportunity to apply some creativity to the subject. Americans probably still won't take action until it's too late, but it's good to know I have a Hub that will stand the test of time - and one that I can point my friends to and say, "See? Told ya."

      Pam, we both know your job sucks and that trying to get another one in this climate would just be re-entering the situation. There's a Simpsons bit they did in one of their Halloween episodes, Nightmare Cafeteria (in Treehouse of Horror V) that you just have to see. It's the one where Principal Skinner realizes that he can solve the food budget crisis and the student overcrowding in one fell swoop - by sending them to detention and then serving them for lunch. It will remind you so much of the employment situation in America (From the episode: "It's pretty hard to clean this giant pot when you keep spillin' meat tenderizer all over me." -sound of a clunking pot lid- "Great, now I gotta work in the dark!")

    • blangrehr profile image

      Hamilton Forrester 

      11 years ago from Myrtle Beach, SC

      WOW, I would get another job, something you enjoy. Life is to short to be so unhappy, don't you think?

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      The graphics you used here are great, and sadly, this is too real to be overly hilarious, but I like how you've presented it. I tend to just rant, but this is clever and readable so it doesn't get too overwhelming.

      Bill and I were just talking today about how my job encourages really despicable qualities in employees and purposely fires lots of people constantly so there is a steady supply of fresh meat still hopeful that they will actually achieve something or the other. This has the effect of making people rat on each other and fall in line and be afraid all the time, but I also see people get themselves canned on purpose just to get out of there. I started there a year ago this past April with 20 people in my training class. Two of us are still there, me and this Christian fundamentalist guy, and I'm real close to getting canned.

      What bothers me most is how expendable everyone is now in just about every arena. It's just naked greed, and there's no shot at sharing any of it, just management by terrorism. And it seems like those are the only jobs out there right now--these creepy we'll-tell-you-when-to-pee jobs, and it's never on the clock either. In Barbara Ehrenreich's latest book she has a whole section on employers so insistent that employees not pee on their dime that people wear adult diapers so as not to be fired. That is just messed up, there's no other way to look at it.

      I wish I could laugh about all this more. It's really freakin' scary. Thanks for another great hub. I can see you put a ton of work into this and it's terrific.

    • Jerry G2 profile image

      Jerry G2 

      11 years ago from Cedar Rapids, IA

      Great hub

    • blangrehr profile image

      Hamilton Forrester 

      11 years ago from Myrtle Beach, SC

      LOL, very funny, and such alot of work, lol


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