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How to Prepare for the SAT

Updated on February 26, 2010

SAT Prep

There are several ways of preparing for the SAT.

First, let me quickly describe what you should study for:

Critical Reading: Vocabulary, Sentence Clue Words, Reading Analysis and Comprehension

Writing- Grammar, Structure of a Sentence, How to Write an Effective Persuasive Essay

Math-Geometry, Algebra, Arithmetic

1. Buy some test prep books:

This is a compilation of what I think are the best SAT prep books and an amazing free website with free SAT prep and practice tests.

2. Take as many practice tests as you can before the exam. The more you practice, the more you become familiar with the exam; this will make you more calm when taking the exam.

3. Read the newspaper (New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune) or any books you like (not comics). Try not to read passively, but read actively (meaning think about the main idea while you are reading).

4. Memorize some vocabulary words (If you look online, there should be many sites offering vocab lists tailored for the SAT. Some of the prep books have very extensive lists of vocabulary.)

5. Do 10 SAT math problems a day (find all your weaknesses and try and find out the problem.

6. Keep a journal on what you think of certain events and write why you may agree or disagree with what may have happened.

7. Find books about writing style to better improve your grammar (or just buy a prep book), or at the very least, when typing, try and write with proper grammar and conventions, even when you are texting or typing with friends (If you are doing this already,that's great!)

8. Most importantly, the night before the exam, make sure that you have a good night's rest and a healthy breakfast the next morning. Doing so will allow you to keep more focused. Also, do not cram anything the day of the exam. It just adds more stress. What you know is what you know. Trying to memorize 100 words in 2 hours will not help; it may actually be worse for you.

Please visit my site for math practice questions and some general test taking tips.



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      karenmendes 7 years ago

      I can make a few suggestions as how to go about the SAT preparation. First and the foremost principle of cracking the SAT is practice you can take tests online, plenty of sites have them. However examville has timed questions and the answers are with explanations, facility of live classes with subject specific experts. All the best.