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How change of percepts could be difference between creating value (money) or not

Updated on October 17, 2011
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Ben is scientist, teacher, researcher and author who loves to help you to be more, do more and achieve more. He is an Amazon kindle author



We all have different defence mechanisms to justify our state of abundance or lack in terms of money. But whether we like it or not the issue of money affects us all. We do all sorts of activities to earn money. No matter how we look at it is a puzzle – I mean ability to live in abundance.  Our perception of money could determine whether we have it or not.

What is money to you? Your answer may determine how you relate to it. Indeed your perception of it determines your consciousness. Remember, perception is the first experience we have when we stimulate our senses. The next stage is the processing of the information and our response to the information. Either way, our response is communicated to our environment.

 Let me ask you these questions:

What does this concept money mean to you?

What do you compare it with?

 Your answer to these questions could really challenge you belief systems about money.  It’s welcomed, because everything you know about money resides in your value and belief toward it.

Who will you depend on to enable you create the money or all the wealth you need?

I know a lot of thoughts will be running through your mind.

The simple answer is YOU. The power that you need to create the wealth that you need is within you. Why do I say this? My reason is because you have the power to decide what you want. The moment you make the decision that you want to live in abundance, the next challenge will be the question of how.

 The problem with money

If making money is a problem, which indeed it is for all of us. It becomes a goal and the solution is creating it.

I want you to personally answer these questions in terms of money.

What are your values  for money?

How did you get these values?

List at least five (5), values that you have about money.

For each of these values, state why it is important to you.

This is important because your value about money determines how you relate with it. It's your motivation towards money. Again motivation has to be good and you have to show them live them out by your inclinations towards money.

 How to create or make money

Having looked at our belief and value we attach to money. Let’s look at how to make money. What is your conception about making money? Think very deeply about this. What are the assumptions you make in this line of argument?  Well, one way to make money legitimately is to help people solve their problems. Become a problem solver and create avenue for people to pay you time and time again and you’re made. In solving their problems you are creating value through the work you do for them. What value can you create today through your work?

Develop a system to do it over and over again. Recruit people to help you do it and therefore leverage your input. This is the basis for a system. What system can you create today?

 In a nutshell, living in abundance could just mean a change and action in the way you look at money. You need to develop your conceptual as well as strategic thinking. More than anything you have to believe in the fact that you are the only one to take that single decision to live the life you desire. Develop your inner man with the determination and commitment to succeed.

© 2010 Benjamin Ugoji


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