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How do Blacks and Whites Handle Conflict? Different or Not

Updated on September 22, 2015
history is the end of the beginning; if we don't change
history is the end of the beginning; if we don't change

As one might have observed, black people and white people are socialized differently. I call them black and whites because that is their dominate and social names or cues. As one might also guess, black people are cultured through hip hop and the likes to be more into violence and externalizing their feelings. White people on the other hand keep their feeling to themselves and sometimes let it out in an uproar as we've seen with rock music and metal rock. This is not to say that some individuals that are black do not internalize things because they do and vice verso. But the difference is in the cultures. A white person could and do practice the black culture and vice verso. The main correlation in the psych of the races is popular culture in which they express and their social cues.

It is an observation from years of research and even noticing the way white and black people handle conflict that white people internalize their feeling while black people externalize them. For example if a white person gets angry at someone they will usually stay quiet but one could see the veins pop out in their heads, showing that they are angry. Black people on the other hand will lash out.

The reason for this difference is as one might have guessed due to the history of the races. Black people most manifested history today was slavery. White people are racism. Because white people have been stained with the title of racism, they are more careful to express their feelings in order to avoid conflict. Black people on the other hand have been quieted and when they get a chance they want to prove that they are not weak or worthless. They want a voice.

The socialization of white and black people is very interesting. One could try to avoid stereotypes and act like we are all the same. The truth is we are not same at all. We have different histories thus different socialization patterns. The solution in attaining balance is almost impossible due to the fact that these realities of slavery and racism are so imbedded in American culture. One could say progress is at hand but things will not completely change unless we all take turns expressing, listening and avoiding judgments.

Is racism more evident now or historically?

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