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How do you learn a new foreign language?

Updated on September 6, 2011
What do you say?
What do you say?

Languages without which communication would become difficult the world is full of languages.

We all have our own mother tongue or an adopted language which we use for our main communication channel. Depending on where in the world you live your main language will vary, one language which is accepted world over is the English language. It is one of the most, simplest and easiest language to learn, and if you are not very good at it then you may wish to further develop your skills using the following software. I purchased Rosetta Stone to learn Arabic language and since I have had this software I have found it very useful and easy to use.

You can very quickly pick up communication skills using a new language once you start to use this software.

Get yours today and learn a new language
Get yours today and learn a new language

Did you know that studying a second language can improve your skills in other areas of your life and if you are still at school or college then research has shown that children who study a second language do better in their other subjects when compared to those children who do not study a second language.

Learning a new language is not difficult if you are willing to dedicate some time and effort to the task.  Once you overcome the procrastination period and get started you will find that it is an enjoyable experience.  The first few lessons are usually the hardest but after that it will become easier to learn and retain the new language that you will learn.  As you progress through the course using Rosetta Stone you will find that your ability to retain the new words and phrases become second nature to you.

Why learn a second language?

Studying a foreign language can improve your analytic and interpretive capability. And the study of and ability to use another language on your CV will catch the eye of anyone reading your job application.  If you’ve already learned a language other than English at home, expanding your knowledge of its vocabulary, grammar, culture, and literature—at the same time you are learning English—will also improve your chances for success in school, college, university and in your career.

learn a language software

If you are interested in learning Spanish then you may wish to read the following hub very nicely written by a fellow Hubber:

How to Make a Sentence in Spanish

Best way to learn a foreign language

The best way to learn a new language is using practical methods that include listening to someone pronounce and identify visual objects to you in the chosen language, repeating the words the phrases that you hear and connecting them to images. We learn fast when we connect the subject matter using audio and visual contexts.

Rosetta Stone, is a language learning software tool that will allow you to use these methods, quickly so that you can learn and practice communication skills using the foreign language that you are trying to learn.

There are many variations of Rosetta Stone, you need to decide which language you wish to study then buy the version of Rosetta Stone that will allow you to learn that new language, listed below are some common versions of Rosetta Stone.

When you start to learn a new foreign language you must make sure that you continue to practice speaking and reading in that language regularly until it becomes second nature to you, otherwise you will start to forget what you have learnt.

There are many books on the market that will help you to learn foreign languages; I have listed some of those above.

Learning a new language is difficult at first so don’t worry about what you cannot remember, or cannot comprehend, you may not be able to say the words when you first start. It does not matter. You are in the process of learning and improving. The language will gradually become clearer in your brain, but this will happen on a timetable that you cannot control. So relax, sit back and enjoy the learning journey. Just make sure you spend enough time with the language that you want to learn. Persistence and dedication are two greatest guarantee of success when it comes to learning new languages.

How to Learn Languages Free on the BBC Website

You can go on the BBC website to learn languages free, although it does not go into extensive detail, it does allow you to learn the basics.

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