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How my Florida Representatives failed to protect my rights ruin of off grid farm!

Updated on October 21, 2015

Certified Aqua Farm Greenbelt

Are the laws of Florida unenforceable?

When the wife and I purchased a certified greenbelt aqua farm June 2009, we thought we were protected by law under the Florida Right to Farm Act and Aquaculture Policy Act.

So as to maintain the aqua farm existing certification a caretaker had to be hired. Under the Aquaculture Policy Act an aqua farm MUST use BEST Mgt Practices meaning monitoring 24/7. So in August 2009 when DeSoto County issued a cease work order on this farm and evicted the caretaker they violated two laws of Florida.

Upon filing a complaint with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs a Mr. John Costigan responds saying that the two laws my wife and I depended on for protection were unenforceable laws and we would need to hire a law firm?

Tell one lie must tell more to conceal the first

By the Freedom of Information Act I discovered why all my letters of my rights being violated fell on deaf years the State of Florida so as to conceal the illegal acts by Republican District DeSoto County declares me guilty not the County! When the demand for evidence was sent to Inspector General Sears the reply was that an official of Florida can declare a SEP corporation of Florida guilty of violating Florida laws and need not provide supporting evidence!

Over 40 emails from Counsel for the Department of Agriculture either stating that I was obviously manufacturing for resale or citing this verdict by DeSoto County. Question is why doesn't the Florida Department of Agriculture have copies of the evidence used by an unauthorized entity in Florida that shut down a greenbelt aqua farm and evicted its caretaker under an unlawful ordinance, an ordinance that was rescinded the next year after this hearing? Why was there no Ombudsman assigned available under the Aquaculture Policy Act? Why is a hurricane / tornado proof concrete shed certified by the Department of Defense, Miami Dade County Florida, meets FEMA 320 for safe rooms NOT a useful farm structure as Counsel Hall for the Florida Department of Agriculture has declared? Why was the request to Florida Meditation denied? Why did the Florida Bar say that stating guilt without evidence is not unethical? Tell one lie many more must be told to conceal the first.

Tell one lie must tell more

Is a Verdict same as Evidence?

Letter to Representative Edwards

The wife and I live in Broward County the business is registered in Broward County I voted for Representative Edwards. My contact with Ms Edwards was very depressing. Rather understanding that my certified farm was ruined with no cause she refers me to DeSoto County Representative, a Republican, to file my grievance against the District he represents? Naturally that went nowhere.

Again, a second contact with Ms. Edwards and after explaining why I thought that she was my representative said she would look into my complaint. Some weeks later her response was that it was within the County authority to deny aqua farm certification?????

DUH, You see how frustrating it is to have a politician aid you. My complaint of guilt by the Florida Department of Agriculture without evidence, manufacturing for resale. This was my complaint so obviously somebody responded with another lie or Ms Edwards just did not understand the simple fact that a certified aqua farm was illegally ruined. I gave up on her.

Could not simply demand the evidence used to declare a zoning violation accepting a statement from one of the Tallahassee Dirty 6 instead.

Here my Representative responds with the understanding that my issue is some certification application process? When in fact this certifed Aqua Farm should have been protected until January 2010 when the re certification process would begin.

Representative Edwards,FS 193.461.
Your attorney handling your matter should have informed you of the statutory classification guidelines afforded to county property appraisers in determining land use for Greenbelt purposes. Statute provides for rebuttable presumptions that may be raised in appealing that determination before a value adjustment board or magistrate.
Zoning matters are local and inherently provided for.
This matter arises in DeSoto County. I am unable to assist because the basis for your issue is outside of my district.
If you would like legal advice, please seek consultation from an attorney. I am not in a position to review your legal matter and offer the advice and action you seek.
Thank you.

Thank you for your call. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Steven L. Hall

Senior Attorney Office of General Counsel Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Congresswoman Frankel a waste

Understanding that in America you cannot be guilty without evidence a letter to Congresswoman Frankel was sent. Low and behold I got a response from her local Florida Staff.

Good afternoon,

Please fill out the enclosed privacy release form with regard to your case. We will make a Congressional inquiry on your behalf but as I explained we cannot guarantee the outcome you would prefer.

Thank you so much. Please be sure to include your residential address as well.

Regards, Felicia Goldstein District Director Congresswoman Lois Frankel (FL-22)

Dear Mr. Pressler:

I am forwarding a response received from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services regarding an inquiry submitted on your behalf.

Hope this is of help.

Sincerely, Tina Marciano

So what Frankel's Staff did is contact one of the Tallahassee Dirty 6 and INQUIRE about my complaint of guilt without evidence. In the response from Senior Counsel Hall he cites the hearing by DeSoto County and how everything done by the county was legit including the construction of farm structures said not to be farm structures but for resale? Yet no evidence of sales!

INQUIRY vs INVESTIGATION: When I asked Frankel's staff if they asked for the evidence being used to cite a zoning violation the response was that in an inquiry they are not allowed to ask for evidence or proof? Basically Frankel and her staff did not respond to my complaint of guilt without evidence. Waste

Ms. Marciano, Your email to Mr. Knickerbocker was forwarded to me for a response. It is unclear to me the basis for many of Mr. Pressler’s claims in his email to you below. The Department has not accused or found Mr. Pressler guilty of any crime.

The ONLY authority over farms and farm structures is the Florida Department of Agriculture as well as the Division of Aquaculture. Shouldn't Senior Counsel Hall have copies of the evidence used to ruin an existing certified aqua farm? Is Senior Counsel saying that concrete storage shed are NOT farm structures and building of them constitutes farm development? Is not contract to purchase livestock proof of ongoing farm development? Is not $100 sent to the Dept of Aquaculture for re certification an attempt to continue an aqua farm business? YET no evidence of a farm being developed?????????? Tell one lie must tell more to conceal the first.

In order to provide you with more background information, I have attached a letter I wrote to Mr. Pressler explaining my review of his hearing in DeSoto County for ordinance violations. To my knowledge, there is nothing preventing Mr. Pressler from pursuing agricultural activities on his property. Additionally, the Department has repeatedly explained that Florida’s Right to Farm Act (Section 823.14, Florida Statutes) provides farmers with a statutory defense to a civil lawsuit claiming that their agricultural activities are a nuisance. DeSoto County accused Mr. Pressler of violations of county zoning ordinances, not that his activities on the property were a nuisance. Further, even if the County had made such a charge, the Department does not possess the statutory authority to intervene on behalf of producers in such disputes. If you would like more information, please feel free to give me a call at the phone number below. Steven L. Hall Senior Attorney


Violating Florida Zoning Laws

State of Florida Department of Agriculture so as to conceal the illegal ruin of a small business declares that DRD Enterprises Inc of Davie a Service Disabled Veteran Owned small business and SEP corporation in Florida since 1994 purchased a greenbelt certified aqua farm only to immediately begin violating the laws of Florida, REALLY?

Still seeking Justice in Florida



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