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How often, if at all, does movement of ideas affect human history?

Updated on October 15, 2012

On our history classes we were talking about ideas which had improved society. We talked about where those ideas started and who started them. Best period of those ideas was Industrial revolution about which we had few assignments in last semester. In this essay we should discuss about those ideas and our question was: How often, if at all, does movement of ideas affect human history?

Many people had new ideas. Some of them told for them and make money and respect and some of them didn’t do anything. Those ideas which were told firstly improved closest society and then that ideas moved from one country to another, improving whole society. From the beginning of our race society changed many times. In the beginning those changes made that society develop very fast. Greatest period of changes and ideas was in Industrial revolution which changed the world radically. Those changes are happening now and one example of them is new president of one of the biggest forces in world, Barack Obama. In every change there are some smaller and bigger ideas, those smaller affect very much, in most of the cases those smaller are the initiators. Many changes were done in revolutions and reforms, some of them are: The French Revolution, Industrialization and during Political and Social Reforms.

During French revolution many changes were done in France and those changes were affected by ideas which made France so big and powerful. In French revolution France developed from country in west Europe, which isn’t so powerful, to most powerful country in whole Europe. While France was changing and becoming the most powerful in Europe, other countries had to do the same. Very soon most of the Europe became monarchy which is in my opinion very important in making one powerful military force. After monarchy, enlighten had great influence on society in Europe. These ideas and changes had a great influence for human history.

During industrial revolution many ideas and changes had been done. Those ideas were most important in human kind. Today we couldn’t imagine world without machines, cars, computer and many other things which developed in time of industrial revolution. With those ideas human race changed radically, way of living became easier for people and many things which were unique in that period can be found almost everywhere. One radical change was introducing world with Socialism. With socialism everyone, poor and rich, are same. No more bourgeoisie living very good life while poor people dies. This system was spread into almost every bigger county in the world. Next great change in world was communism. System in which you cant be religious man. Many people who lived in communism in our country said that that was the nicest part of their lives. Many countries developed very fast during communism, one example is China which is also one of the most powerful countries in the world nowadays. In communism there wasn’t much private firms, almost every firm was working under control of the country. With these ideas countries developed very fast into a strong and powerful countries.

From these examples I can see that movement of ideas affected very much for human history. Without changes we couldn’t imagine world nowadays. Every change occurs with idea which, at the first sight, isn’t so great and important but later that idea evolve in something great and that idea changes whole world. Movement of ideas is very important for whole human race and the world.


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