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How to Ace Your Next Algebra Test

Updated on March 2, 2012

Here are just a few tips on how to do well on your next algebra test. I used them to learn algebra when I was in middle school and have always gotten As on my tests. Algebra is the base to almost every math topic you study. Whether it be trigonometry or even calculus, you will need to have decent algebra skills. Now I'm studying to be a Math teacher if that helps you trust me any.

Tip #1

Now you probably hear this phrase over and over, "practice makes perfect." Well, that's because there definitely is some truth to it. Now it is impossible to be perfect, but you can get pretty close to it. So here's my tip. Practice problems over and over and over again. The more you practice the easier it will become. If you can do all of your homework problems without any trouble then you should be able to ace your test. I suggest spending a lot of time going over the problems you had trouble with. A lot of teachers pull test questions from the homework directly or they make them very close to them.

Tip #2

Try to memorize all of the definitions and formulas that your teacher went over in class. If you worked with them in class they are probably going to be on the test. Some teachers might even ask for a definition word for word, although they will probably tell you this ahead of time. Most likely you won't have to do that but it is good to be prepared. The best way to help memorize them would be to use flashcards. I personally benefit from writing them over and over until i can write them without looking at the original. I am a kinetic learner so I learn from doing. Everyone learns in different ways so if this doesn't help try something else. There is no right or wrong way to study. Whatever works for you best you should do.

Tip #3

Study ahead of time! Leave at least one class before the test when you study. This way you are able to ask your teacher in person any questions that you might have. This could be the difference in an A and an F! If you do not understand something make sure you ask your teacher. Never let any question go unasked. And who knows, you might not be the only one who doesn't understand. Sometimes if the teacher realizes that enough people don't understand something they will either take it off the test and reteach it afterwards or they will push the test back a day to help you out. And remember, there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.

Tip #4

Here's something I learned from my college Calculus teacher. Try studying in a group. You can bounce ideas off one another on how to work out problems that you don't understand. There is usually at least one person in the class who will understand what's going on. Don't be afraid to ask your peers if you need help on a problem.

Tip #5

Here's the most important tip of them all. When you are taking your test make sure to read all of the directions carefully, show all of your work, and check all of your work when you are finished.

  • You need to read all of the directions very carefully so that you don't forget to do something or do it the wrong way. Sometimes teachers ask you to do a problem a specific way even though there might be an easier way to do it. Also you should make sure you copy down the problem correctly.
  • If you show all of your work sometimes teachers give you partial credit and then they can show you what went wrong or the mistakes you made that gave you the wrong answer. Sometimes teachers will even give you most of the points if your work is correct but you made a small error. I've had a teacher where if you accidentally copied the problem down wrong but all of your work was correct and you got the correct answer they gave you full credit but showed you your error. Trust me, this can only help you.
  • And finally, you should always check all of your work. Giving each problem a second look can help you see your mistakes. Check for little mistakes such as forgetting the negative sign or incorrect addition and subtraction. These little mistakes can cost you a lot of points so be very thorough in checking your work!.

If you follow these tips you should be able to get an A on your next test, however they are not a guarantee. You need to actually know the material to get an A on the test. The knowing of the information is up to you and you alone. These are just some tips to help you study the material.



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      chris 5 years ago

      great advice. thanks. keep it up!!!