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How to Add Fun in Study

Updated on February 24, 2014

Study goes boring when you are following the same study pattern or are reading in the same way as always. Are you looking for some fun tips for your exam study? Here, we will discuss some ideas to add fun to our boring study pattern. Hope, you will find them interesting. Share your thoughts through comments.

Go Practical

If you are bored of the bulky books and the theory part, you might need to go with the practical approach of learning. Instead of learning the theory, try to understand the concept. Take the help of visuals like images and videos. Download your study related videos and learn through them. Also, use diagrams and graphs to make your study more practical than theoretical.

practical approach
practical approach

Put up some Music

Some people find it easy to study with the right music. Music is great and can help you a lot improving your concentration power. Not all people, though, find the music comfortable while studying. Use some slow and soothing tunes. Do not put up music with lyrics as it may deviate your attention from study.

Listen to Music
Listen to Music

Healthy Study place

The study place is one of the most important things while studying. Do not ever study in your bed. Always use a proper desk and a chair with the comfortable sitting position. There must be proper and enough lighting at the study place. Put your gadgets, phone, laptop, tabs and any other distraction means away from the study place. Choose a study place far from the noise and disturbance. Keep the study place clean and well-managed. Keep all the required things in your access so that you need not to move again and again.

A well-managed Study place
A well-managed Study place

Take Regular Breaks

Breaks are important, specially when your mind is exhausted from hours of study. Take regular breaks, at least one in a few hours of study. Do some fun things in your break-time like play video game or watch some news or just go outside and free yourself.

Take a break
Take a break

Study in Groups

If you do not like to study alone or do not find it comfortable, you can consider group study. If you have a group of close friends, you can talk to them about the proposal. Group study is always good as we learn better by sharing and discussing our ideas. Read a certain topic and then, discuss it with your friends in the group.

study in groups
study in groups

Study Resources

Use the right study resources. Find the best book of the subject or instead use the notes from an expert. Go for online study tutorials and videos. Also, make your own notes while studying. You can use these notes later for revision. It is easy to study with your own written notes.

Go Digital

Make the use of technology for your study. Use education related mobile apps like timer, newshunt, Animoto and eBooks. An eBook is the best way to study without an original book. Many people find it interesting to read an eBook rather than a hard copy of the book. You need not to own a Kindle device to read an eBook as you can read an eBook in a simple smartphone.

Use the technology
Use the technology

Use Flash cards

Make beautiful and funny flash cards fro easy notes. You can take the help of websites like Quizlet that let make you flash cards easily. Use different colors, fonts and patterns in your flash cards.

Use flash cards
Use flash cards

Test Yourself

Make sample tests and conduct quizzes. Ask your friends or family to help you with the quiz. Conduct a test to check your knowledge and your flaws. Make your own question papers and answer them in the best possible way. Conduct a test with a time-limit and check your performance.

Try Different

Not able to concentrate in your home? Head to your local library or coffee house and study there. Want to play, take a short-break and play video game. Free yourself and do not let stress grab you. If one or more things are bothering you, try to change them.

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