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How to Be a Good K-12 School Principal

Updated on November 26, 2011

Any teacher will tell you, in a K-12 setting, the principal is your boss. The person you answer to. But, what makes a good principal? One important item is that the principal should have come from the ranks like any teacher. This will make them understand teacher issues so much better rather than a person with little real teaching experience but has a MA in Education. The boss should enjoy being with kids of all ages and not be afraid to engage them like a parent or friend.They should also always support the teachers whenever they can when unreasonable goals or demands come down from the principal's boss.They should frequently visit the teachers in their environment, look at lesson plans, observe the teacher in the classroom, how they are organized, make suggestions without a sermon or admonishment. The principal must recognize the importance of all the staff at a school that allows it to function. Everyone is important. Like teachers, the principal must connect and engage parents whenever they can. The principal should focus on how to get things done rather than worry about how new regulations or cuts will increase or reduce the effectiveness of the school.


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